Why Twigs n Honey

I wanted to come up with a name that was representative of me, but a part of me that wouldn’t change.  I wanted this name to stay relevant and not be something I’d tire of.  I spent some time brain storming and some time bouncing ideas off of friends and I’m very happy with what I’ve come up with.

Where I started: my interests, but I decided these could change and may not always work.  Next, my name.  My first name means “honeybee” and my last name means “bird.”  Together, those two things don’t make a very cute name, so I started playing with derivatives of them.  Where I landed: Twigs, as in the things birds use to build nests.  Honey, as in the stuff bees produce.

Why I liked “twigs” and “honey.” Twigs are used by birds to create a place to live, where their families can be warm, comfortable and safe.  Honey is created by bees from essentially nothing. It is created with lots of time and energy. It is a product that is used in so many places and so many ways by so many people (and bears).  I really enjoy the symbolism of these two things that are so closely tied to the meanings of my names.  I feel like these things can be transformed into the outputs of a good wife and mother, both of which I hope to be during the course of my life.  I want to build the perfect nest for my family and to provide them with all the honey they’ll ever need.  Symbolically and sentimentally, these words feel like a great fit for my blog.  They make me feel all warm and fuzzy.
I know my rationale for picking my blog title isn’t as important to anyone else, but I had to share simply because I love how the title ties back to my name.

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  1. Amy Martin said:

    I love this! Good to know I am not the only person who attaches a whole lot of meaning to names. I look forward to reading your blog!

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