Our New Livingroom

The hubs and I made our move from New York to Chicago at the beginning of June.  We didn’t have enough time/notice before moving to come find a place to live when we got here, so we have been staying with his parents, which was incredibly generous of them to let us do.  We move into our new apartment (which is more than twice the size of our apartment in New York!) in just over a week and I cannot contain my excitement.  For weeks I have been imagining each room and how I want to decorate it.  We don’t need to get a lot of new things, but we’ll get a few starting with two new chairs for the livingroom.  I really wanted something that was a peacock blue, but I think a lagoon blue color may be a bit more classic.

When I described what I wanted to do in the room to the hubs he said no way.  I brushed this off and told him he just couldn’t visualize it.  He, of course, told me he visualized it just fine and that he just didn’t like it.  So, I put together this picture just to be sure we were on the same page:

Almost immediately he told me he really liked it and that we should do this.  (Hadn’t I been saying that all along?)  The room has wood floors and two walls of exposed brick.  I think this will look really great.

Most of these items we already have.  We need to pick up the rug from Ikea and we’ll get the chairs from West Elm.  The coffee table we’ll need to make.  I first saw the idea here.  We’ll pick the flat file up from Craigslist and get the wheels somewhere like Home Depot.  The only thing I need to figure out is where I can drill the holes so that I can bolt on the wheels.  I’ll have to find someone with a drill and, preferably, a driveway or yard I can use.  Pretty much everything else in this picture we already own.  I can’t wait to see it all come together!

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