I Buy: Furniture Shopping

On Sunday, the hubs and I went out to pick up some things for the new apartment.  I’m super excited about our purchases and can’t wait to get them into our new apartment.  Most all of these things were featured in the picture I posted here, but we picked up a few additional items too.  I’ll post some pictures once we get into the new apartment and get a bit settled.  Here’s a look at what we got!

Industrial Stool from West Elm
Sweep Upholstered Armchair in Performance Velvet color Lagoon from West Elm
8’2×10’6 Stockholm Rand Rug from Ikea
Vase from World Market
Stria 3-drawer Dresser from West Elm
Stria 6-drawer Dresser from West Elm

The Dressers almost became an issue at West Elm and we almost walked out without buying anything at all because they’ve marked up the price by $100 each in roughly the last week.  I had the catalog with me that I got in the mail last week, but they wouldn’t honor the lower price.  Luckily, the hubs noticed the floor model still had the lower price on it, so we told them they had to honor it or we were going to walk away with nothing.  I’m so glad they ended up over riding the computer price because I really wanted those dressers & chairs!  The stools were an impulse purchase (of the hubs, not me), but we really like them and we’re excited to have them.

More to come on the apartment decorating front, you can count on it!

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  1. oh my so beautiful!!!! I adore your blog, I’ll definitly be back xxx Cat

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