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This week was strange. It’s the time of the year when it should be chilly and you want to dress like it, but we had highs in the 70s most of the week. Unless we have another warm snap, this is probably the last week of the year for bare legs.


Blouse – Gap (oooold)
Sweater – J Crew Outlet (2010?)
Skirt – Loft (2012)
Tights – Spanxx
Booties – Top Shop (2012)
Necklace – Handmade by my Mom

Turtleneck Tee – Banana Republic Outlet (2009?)
Jackie Cardi – J Crew (2012)
Skirt – Express (2010)
Pumps – Target (2010)
Watch – Michael Kors via Nordstrom (2011)
Necklace – Anthropologie (2012)
Earrings – NYC Street Vendor

Dress – Anthropologie (2011)
Flats – Steve Madden (2012)
Scarf – NYC Street Vendor
Watch – Michael Kors via Nordstrom (2011)


Dress – Anthropologie (2012)
Cardigan – Loft (2009)
Booties – Top Shop (2012)
Necklace – Family Heirloom

Long Sleeve Tee – J Crew Outlet (2010)
Sweater – Victoria’s Secret (2008)
Jeans – J Crew Outlet (2012)
Boots – Nine West (2012)
Necklace – Femmegemmes NYC


I had Monday off of work again this week, so no Monday outfit is pictured again, although, I was out and about. I just have to make it known that I didn’t spend the day eating bon bons. In fact, I braved my local social security office and started the process of changing my name. What a process that can be when someone steals your social security number. Ready for it all to be settled!


Blouse – Express
Sweater – Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans – AG via Anthropologie
Pumps – Steve Madden
Necklace – Handmade by my Mom

Dress – Target
Blazer – New York & Co.
Necklace – J Crew via eBay
Pumps – Aldo

Tee – Loft
Chambray Button Up – J Crew
Jeans – AG via Anthropologie
Belt – Express
Boots – Steve Madden


Tee – Target
Jacket – Victoria’s Secret
Cords – J Crew Outlet
Boots – Nine West
Necklace – J Crew via eBay

Tee – Loft
Sweater – Abercrombie circa 2004
Jeans – J Crew Outlet
Boots – Nine West
Earrings – Anthropologie

When I was visiting my parents a few weeks ago, I made a pit stop at the J Crew outlet in the Mills Mall near them. I picked up, among other things, two pairs of cords and a new pair of jeans that I really love. Both the jeans and the cords are included in my outfits this week. I’m sure they will be staples all winter!

This weekend, the hubs and I ran the Color Run 5K in Grant Park in downtown Chicago.


Here’s a before and after and a picture of us waiting at the starting line and then at the finish.

They started waves of 1500 people at a time to keep everything from getting overly crowded, which was nice. Too bad they didn’t start all the runners first and the walkers later. That would make for less dodging later on. In this pic you can also see people looping back around and coming through the first color zone – orange. The color zones were at each kilometer and were orange, yellow, blue and pink.

I do have to say, the finish line was the most anticlimactic organized race finish ever. No one was cheering and everyone who had finished before us was just standing at the finish line, in the way. I surprised myself and finished the run in 25 minutes. I’m happy with that. In the first mile, there was a girl who ran by me and I was like – I can keep up with her. I can totally keep up with her! Pretty sure she was running way faster than I should have been and I paid for it in the third mile.


At the finish line there is a color “festival” with a DJ and music where everyone hangs out and every 15 minutes they throw color packets. Looks super cool, doesn’t it? It was definitely cool to watch, but I’m glad I wasn’t in the middle of it.


And here we have the obligatory “after” photo. I stayed cleaner than the hubs…mostly because I dumped my red color packet on him. All in all it was a fun time. I would definitely do it again. I’m sure it would be even more fun with a bigger group. Friends? Who wants to run next year? I’m down for NY, Chicago, Austin, whatever…



My days are out of order, but the content is all there. My office was closed Monday and I’m pretty sure I didn’t change out of work out clothes or pajamas all day.

Dress – H&M
Tights – Hue via Nordstrom Rack
Booties – Top Shop

Sweater – Express
Skirt – J Crew
Wedges – Steve Madden
Necklace – Femmegemms
Watch – Michael Kors via Nordstrom
Bracelet – Banana Republic

Jeans – Express
Tshirt – Loft
Long sleeve Tee – Express
Cardigan – Express
Scarf – Handmade by me
Boots – Steve Madden
Earrings – Express


Blouse – Zara
Leggings – Express
Necklace – Anthropologie
Earrings – NY Street Vendor

Blouse – Loft
Jackie Cardigan – J Crew
Jeans – Loft
Belt – J Crew
Shoes – Steve Madden
Earrings – Hand me downs

At the beginning of every year or on the eve of every new year, I make myself a to do list for things I want to accomplish that year. I wanted to do a check in halfway through the year, but this summer really just got away from me, so I am now doing the check in of my 2012 To Do List. Since it hasn’t been shared here, here is my list with updates on how I’m doing:

*In bed, lights off by 11 (failing nightly)
*Floss (been more consistent than in the past)
*Explore the Guggenheim (I tried to do this before I left NY, but the interesting part of the museum was closed while they were putting in a new installation; will have to go another time, but the day I went was one of my best last days in NY and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it)
*Visit the Museum of Natural History (I was saving this to do with my Dad when he came back to NY, but my parents never came back and I never ended up going; this will have to happen on a trip back)
*Visit Washington DC with the hubs (we did not do this and I’m sure it won’t happen this year; fail)
*Write down one thing a day that makes me happy (I have not done this at all; fail)
*Take picture of train tracks at 94th & Park (done and done!)
*Blog once a week (This hasn’t been perfect, but I’ve been relatively consistent; much more so than last year)
*90 day yoga challenge round 2 (I have not done this and likely will not; fail)
*Run 2 5Ks (Colors Run & ?) (I’m almost able to check this one off; I ran the Firefly 5K a couple of weeks ago and, although I missed the Color Run this summer because it was the weekend we moved, they’re bringing a round 2 this coming weekend and I’m all signed up!)
*Explore party/wedding planning (Dabbling)
*Save 15% of our income (I’m doing a decent job with my part of this, but I can’t speak to his; success undetermined for the time being)
*Move out of NY (Box Checked)
*Avoid the end of the world (tbd)
*Take a calligraphy class (I should look into this)
*Take a cake decorating class (I should also look into this too)

I feel like my move to Chicago warrants me adding a few more things to this list:
*Find a volleyball team to play with (I don’t know how successful I’m going to be here)
*Find a book club (I’m working on getting one started)
*Go to a Corn Maze
*Throw a New Years/Anniversary party (New York friends, consider this your invitation)


Tie tank – Club Monaco
Cardigan – Express
Pencil Skirt – J Crew
Wedges – Steve Madden

Button Up – Express
Ribbed Sweater – Express
Matchstick Jeans – J Crew Outlet
Pumps – Steve Madden
Necklace – J Crew Outlet

Sweater – H&M
Skirt – Loft
Belt – H&M
Tights – J Crew Outlet
Booties – Top Shop
Wore this with a purple infinity scarf that matched the tights. I feel like that really added to the look.


Blouse – H&M
Cardigan – Banana Republic Outlet
Jeans – AG via Anthropologie
Flats – Steve Madden

Friday – I woke up about 10 minutes before my parents arrived for the weekend, so I recycled pieces I already had out from the week
Sweater – Express
Jeans – AG via Anthropologie
Boots – Steve Madden
Scarf – J Crew Outlet

Tank – Express
Long Sleeve Tee – J Crew
Cords – J Crew Outlet
Scarves – Both Target
Boots – Steve Madden

So people are always raving about Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte.  I don’t enjoy coffee, but I do enjoy me a Chai Latte from time to time.  Feeling a little left out of the fall pumpkin goodness, I had the genius idea of asking if they could add the pumpkin to my Chai Latte.  Sounds amazing, right?

I got a tall just to be sure I’d like it.  To be honest, I barely drank it.  I love Chai and people seem to love pumpkin, but together it just did not work for me.  First, I couldn’t really even taste the actual pumpkin flavor.  Second, it was really, really sweet!  The Chai Latte is a little sweet on its own and apparently, the pumpkin is also sweet.  Together, it was sweetness overload.

Now that all is said and done, I think I will stick to my tried and true Chai Latte and leave the Pumpkin to the coffee/latte drinkers out there.  In theory, it sounded so amazing, but in practice, it just wasn’t.  So bummed, in my mind it was going to be so awesome!