Housewarming Party

This weekend we had our housewarming. I don’t feel like the apartment is complete yet, but it is getting there. I am waiting for a few finishing touches and will get some pictures posted soon!

I spent most of Friday night and Saturday preparing for the party. Here is what my food spread looked like minus the cake. I still needed to frost it, but wanted to be sure I got a picture before everyone arrived.


My decorations made me really happy. I ordered washi tape and striped straws from Cute Tape and used the washi tape to accent both of my vases. The gladiolus came from the Daley Center farmer’s market and I think the colors were pretty perfect. I buy these almost every week; they make such a statement and remind me of my childhood, so they’re two-fors.

I made the “Home Sweet Home” and “Welcome” signs while at my parents’ last weekend with thick paper from Hobby Lobby, some cheap ribbon, a glue gun and a Sharpie.  It was a quick easy project and I’m happy with the way it turned out.  I did, however, burn myself pretty good with the hot glue gun, which is the worst.  Once you get it on you, there’s no way around a burn.  Be careful with those things!


Next was the food.  I spent some of Friday and most of Saturday preparing this food.  I tried to keep it simple, but I’m not very good at that.  I figured since the party started at 8, we didn’t need anything other than munchies, so we had a veggie tray, crackers, cheese & meat spread, chips & salsa (at my husband’s request), and spinach dip in a bread bowl.  For sweets we had chocolate chip cookies (I shared the recipe here) with Peanut Butter M&Ms instead of chocolate chips, pumpkin spice cookies, brownies, and a chocolate cake with salted caramel frosting that I made from scratch.  I hadn’t made a cake from scratch in years and I was really, really happy with the way it turned out.  I used this recipe from Kimberly Taylor Images that I found on Pinterest – I definitely want to make this again and again.


All in all, it was a pretty fun party. We were able to spend the evening with a good group people and it allowed me to have a nice weekend creative outlet. Hopefully our guests enjoyed themselves and will want to come again for the next party!


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