I Decorate: Our striped wall

I like painting. I like painted, colorful walls. Everywhere I have lived for the last 7 years has had white walls and I haven’t stayed long enough to warrant painting. When we moved into our new apartment a couple of months ago, there was this perfect, curved wall leading into our apartment that I thought lent itself PERFECTLY to being painted. Stripes specifically. I thought it would be perfect to draw you into the apartment and I thought it would give a nice visual. The hubs said he trusted me and agreed that we could paint the wall, so we did.

Here’s where we started:


My friend, Christi, came over and helped since she had recently painted her own striped wall in her apartment. We measured down the wall and marked where the tape lines should be to make sure everything was even. The taping took us forever. We were using a level and it turns out my level wasn’t level, so we had each took the tape on one end of the wall, pulled it across to the markings on either end and then went back and measured in the middle to be sure we kept the lines straight. We measured in centimeters and millimeters and were a couple of millimeters off in a few places, but in the grand scheme of things you really can’t tell. Also, we had been trying to get the wall taped correctly for hours (literally), so we were in that place where we just went with it. On top of that, there are a couple of funky places in the wall where you can tell the dry wall was seamed/pieced together and that was throwing off the evenness of everything too. All in all, the taping (by far) took the longest.


Then we painted. We used Valspar Eggshell paint from Lowe’s in a grey color. We started to notice that as it was drying, it didn’t look dry. You can tell in the pictures below. Then we realized it was because of the eggshell finish. For whatever reason, with grey paint and an eggshell finish, you can see every single stroke the roller made. We tried going over it a couple of times to even it out, but it never quite worked and it drove the hubs crazy. He wanted to paint over it with flat paint, but since taping was such a nightmare the first time around, I told him I’d have no part in doing it again.


So, he did it himself, but I did end up helping with the majority of the re-taping. It wasn’t quite as much of a nightmare this time around since we already had the proper lines to follow and because I cared a little less. So, here is it re-taped and being re-painted.


Here’s the finished product (with our unfinished entry way in the background). Doesn’t it look good?!? We love it!


The biggest thing I learned from this experience that I think people really need to know is, if you’re going to paint something grey, use a flat paint!


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