2012 To Do List Check In

At the beginning of every year or on the eve of every new year, I make myself a to do list for things I want to accomplish that year. I wanted to do a check in halfway through the year, but this summer really just got away from me, so I am now doing the check in of my 2012 To Do List. Since it hasn’t been shared here, here is my list with updates on how I’m doing:

*In bed, lights off by 11 (failing nightly)
*Floss (been more consistent than in the past)
*Explore the Guggenheim (I tried to do this before I left NY, but the interesting part of the museum was closed while they were putting in a new installation; will have to go another time, but the day I went was one of my best last days in NY and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it)
*Visit the Museum of Natural History (I was saving this to do with my Dad when he came back to NY, but my parents never came back and I never ended up going; this will have to happen on a trip back)
*Visit Washington DC with the hubs (we did not do this and I’m sure it won’t happen this year; fail)
*Write down one thing a day that makes me happy (I have not done this at all; fail)
*Take picture of train tracks at 94th & Park (done and done!)
*Blog once a week (This hasn’t been perfect, but I’ve been relatively consistent; much more so than last year)
*90 day yoga challenge round 2 (I have not done this and likely will not; fail)
*Run 2 5Ks (Colors Run & ?) (I’m almost able to check this one off; I ran the Firefly 5K a couple of weeks ago and, although I missed the Color Run this summer because it was the weekend we moved, they’re bringing a round 2 this coming weekend and I’m all signed up!)
*Explore party/wedding planning (Dabbling)
*Save 15% of our income (I’m doing a decent job with my part of this, but I can’t speak to his; success undetermined for the time being)
*Move out of NY (Box Checked)
*Avoid the end of the world (tbd)
*Take a calligraphy class (I should look into this)
*Take a cake decorating class (I should also look into this too)

I feel like my move to Chicago warrants me adding a few more things to this list:
*Find a volleyball team to play with (I don’t know how successful I’m going to be here)
*Find a book club (I’m working on getting one started)
*Go to a Corn Maze
*Throw a New Years/Anniversary party (New York friends, consider this your invitation)


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