Fun in Chicago: The Color Run

This weekend, the hubs and I ran the Color Run 5K in Grant Park in downtown Chicago.


Here’s a before and after and a picture of us waiting at the starting line and then at the finish.

They started waves of 1500 people at a time to keep everything from getting overly crowded, which was nice. Too bad they didn’t start all the runners first and the walkers later. That would make for less dodging later on. In this pic you can also see people looping back around and coming through the first color zone – orange. The color zones were at each kilometer and were orange, yellow, blue and pink.

I do have to say, the finish line was the most anticlimactic organized race finish ever. No one was cheering and everyone who had finished before us was just standing at the finish line, in the way. I surprised myself and finished the run in 25 minutes. I’m happy with that. In the first mile, there was a girl who ran by me and I was like – I can keep up with her. I can totally keep up with her! Pretty sure she was running way faster than I should have been and I paid for it in the third mile.


At the finish line there is a color “festival” with a DJ and music where everyone hangs out and every 15 minutes they throw color packets. Looks super cool, doesn’t it? It was definitely cool to watch, but I’m glad I wasn’t in the middle of it.


And here we have the obligatory “after” photo. I stayed cleaner than the hubs…mostly because I dumped my red color packet on him. All in all it was a fun time. I would definitely do it again. I’m sure it would be even more fun with a bigger group. Friends? Who wants to run next year? I’m down for NY, Chicago, Austin, whatever…


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