I Create: Julia’s Hat

My sister in law recently asked me if I would make hats for my nieces to wear this winter and I happily obliged. She sent me a few pictures of hats on Etsy that she liked and one was just so cute that I had to try to replicate it. I didn’t have anything to go off of except the pictures being used to sell the hat and I couldn’t find a pattern that was like it, so I decided I would have to make the pattern up as I went.


First I created a rectangle of cabled fabric that I then folded in half and seemed together to make the hat. I then picked up stitches around the edge to add the ribbing along the bottom. Finally, I added the I-cords and viola. You have an infant hat!


It seemed sooo small and I’m still a little anxious about fit, but happy with how the pattern turned out. I hope it fits her ok and lasts through the winter! Luckily the way it is cabled/ribbed allows it to be sort of stretchy.


And there you have it! Julia’s winter hat! I’m still working on the second one, but pics will come as soon as I have finished it.

  1. hourofgold said:

    What a sweet hat! I love the color and the cable pattern.

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