I Bake: Thanksgiving Desserts

For the last three years, I have made Thanksgiving dinner and this year, for the first time, I spent it at my in-laws house. It felt weird not contributing, so I asked what I could bring/help with. It was decided that I would bring a pumpkin pie, but then I got the itch to make this delicious cranberry cake that my aunt makes, so I made that too.


Really, this is just a cake pan full of butter and sugar. I was shocked when I made it (this was the first time). Because of that, it is, of course, super yummy! And I think the secret ingredient is almond extract. It just adds a little something that you don’t get from vanilla. So, here’s the cake, the homemade cream cheese frosting, and the cake all put together and cut.


Here’s the finished pumpkin pie. I attempted to make a pumpkin for the middle of the cake with a little of the left over crust. Looks more like an apple, huh? Tasted good though!

On Friday, I actually ended up making our own little personal Thanksgiving meal so we could have the leftovers at home to eat throughout the weekend. My MIL sent us home with some turkey and sweet potatoes on Thursday, but Thursday night before we went to bed, the hubs had already devoured the turkey. It worked out well and we had leftovers to eat all weekend. Now the countdown is on until Christmas!


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