Golden Globes Fashion: My Favorites

Everyone really loves Kerry Washington’s look from the Golden Globes last night and I won’t deny that she looked really pretty, but these ladies were my favorites:

Eva Longoria in Pucci looked so pretty on stage when she wasn’t oddly sticking her leg out of her dress. The lace and the open portions made her look so feminine. I loved it…when she kept her leg to herself…
eva-longoria_golden globes

Kate Hudson wore Alexander McQueen and the two of them together are such a perfect combination for me. I love Kate Hudson, I love Alexander McQueen. She was definitely my favorite of the entire night.

Kristen Bell looked so pretty in her Jenny Packham dress. I love the soft lilac color and the beaded/jeweled top. It was almost a tough and a soft dress at the same time. She looked great.
Kristen Bell_Golden Globes

I have just recently gotten into Downton Abbey (which I love!) and think Michelle Dockery is so pretty. I love white and gold together, especially in the winter. Then go mix in some lace and some emerald (2013 color of the year) accents and I’m in love. She is stunning in this Alexander Vauthier dress. I just wish I could find a good picture of the back of it!
Michelle-Dockery_Golden Globes

Finally, Juliana Margulies looked fantastic in an Emilio Pucci dress. I love a good open back and mix it with some cap sleeves and lace and I’m convinced. Her pony tail kept doing this weird thing where you could see her actual hair separate from her pony tail extension, but other than that, I really loved her look last night.
julianna-margulies_golden globes

There were a lot of other great dresses and beautiful actresses last night, but these were the ones that really got me. I think lace is definitely a theme here, as are plunging back and neck lines.

The one thing I really noticed that seemed so strange was all the actresses trying to channel Angeline Jolie’s pose from the Oscars last year. Ladies, she was wildly critiqued for her strange leggy pose last year, why are you all copying it this year? I love a good slit, but you look so awkward with your leg sticking a foot and a half out of your dress. Just keep it to yourself and allow a little flash of skin as you’re walking – no need to put it all out there.

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