My Clothes: First and Second Weeks of January


First Outfit – This was my one day back to work between the holidays and our trip to Costa Rica for my friend’s wedding
Button Up – J Crew
Sweater – Express
Jeans – J Crew Outlet
Boots – Nine West
Necklace – Aldo

Second Outfit – For the couple of days I was back to work after our vacation
Dress – Zara
Sweater – J Crew
Tights – Spanxx via Amazon
Wedges – Steve Madden
Necklaces – J Crew and Christmas present
Wrist – Michael Kors watch via Nordstrom, Banana Republic, J Crew via eBay

Third Outfit
Dress – H&M
Sweater – H&M
Tights – Target
Booties – Nordstrom
Belt – J Crew
Earrings – Hand me downs (Is that more poshly described as “vintage” now-a-days? Well, they’re not vintage, so hand-me-downs it is!)


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