The Grammys: My Favorites

Since the Oscars are coming up this weekend, I’ll round out my favorite awards show looks by touching on the Grammys. Honestly, there were only two looks that REALLY did it for me at the Grammys and those were Katy Perry and Kelly Rowland. Everyone else was kind of meh. Only three others were even worth mentioning. Also, it seems Jennifer Lopez was single handedly trying to keep the Angelina Jolie leg thing alive – her dress was just bad.

I love, love, loved Katy Perry’s look. She looked SO pretty in this Gucci dress. So Priscilla Presley, which works out for her since she said her look was inspired by Priscilla.
The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Taylor Swift looked really pretty in a Grecian J. Mendel gown, but the woman wore my nerves. Is it just me or does she ALWAYS seem to be acting?
Taylor Swift 2013 Grammys

I loved seeing Rihanna in red and her hair/makeup looked so pretty. I love to see this side of her rather than the hard edgy side.
Rihanna 2013 Grammys

Beyonce mixed it up with an Osman pantsuit. She looked really good, but nothing about this look screams awards show to me. She could have worn this to a dinner.
Beyonce 2013 Grammys

This dress makes me want to be Kelly Rowland. She looks incredible. What a hot dress by Georges Chakras!
Kelly Rowland 2013 Grammys

There seemed to be a lot of black and white at the Grammys and it was the first awards show where emerald was really showing up. Emerald has been declared 2013’s color of the year and I was really wondering when it was going to start showing up on celebrities and this was the night. There were several emerald dresses and I love the color, the dresses just didn’t really do it for me. Maybe I’m being too picky – we all know the music industry wears weirdness to the Grammys…it would be surprising if they didn’t.


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