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The other night I went with my team from work to Niketown where we were able to make custom sneakers. It’s been a while since I did this and I’m definitely in need of some new running shoes, so this came at a great time. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been longing for spring, so I think that coupled with Easter being this weekend really influenced my design and color choices.

I knew I wanted something that was good to run in and I wanted something that’s not ordinary – otherwise, what’s the point of designing your own shoes?! I chose to customize the Nike Free and here’s what I came up with:

Barney Shoe Side

Barney Shoe Front

I can’t wait to bust these suckers out when I’m running along the lake this summer!


I wrote this post out last week and through some terrible glitch, when I tried to post it, not only did it not post, but it lost everything I had already written. So, here I am trying again!

I recently went with some people from work to this great little jewelry store in Lincoln Park called Erin Gallagher. I had a great time there and I loved shopping and hanging out. I really could go back daily – there were so many pretty pieces of jewelry I wanted!

This is a shot of the outside of the store. Isn’t it already super cute?

Then you see on the inside that there is jewelry for you to select from or you can create your own works of art.


I love the vases of pearls and the hydrangeas and the chevron. So much character and so many pretty things!


I ended up getting three necklaces, but believe me, that was not all I wanted! I’ll be making a trip back, for sure. Below is one of the necklaces I got – it’s made of beautiful swarovski crystal. Like I do, I put it on thinking it was super over the top and gaudy and instantly fell in love with it. (I did this with a wedding dress too [tried is on as a joke] and almost got it!) I can’t wait for spring to come when I can wear this with a tshirt and sandals and just really dress it down. You can already see in my daily outfits that I’ve worn it a couple of times.


I also go the necklace that is below on the right minus the smallest hoop. That’s actually a second necklace and I was playing designer, which you can see is something you can do…see all the pretty gems? I love delicate gold necklaces and I know I’m going to wear this all the time.

They also had this amazing antique ring that was an estate sale find. If I didn’t already have so many rings I wore regularly, I’d have considered snapping it up. So pretty!


Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the third necklace I bought, but it is gold with gem stones on it that are orange, fuschia and lime green. I can’t wait to wear it!

Does anyone else ever fantasize about what else you would do if you decided to quit your job? Among thoughts of Lululemon, teaching fitness classes, and Starbucks, I have now added Erin Gallagher to the list. Go check it out – you’re sure to find something amazing to accent your wardrobe.

Last week wasn’t the coldest week we’ve had this winter, but it was definitely one of the colder ones and colder than I’d like. At this point, I wake up each day hoping for an increase in the temperature! I can’t wait to stop wearing tights every day!


Ruffle Blouse – Coup de Coeur in NYC
Cardigan – Loft
Jeans – J Crew Outlet
Leopard Belt – J Crew
Boots – Nine West

Tuesday – Inspired by this pin
Tee – Express
Pencil Skirt – Banana Republic
Jacket – Gap
Braided Belt – H&M
Tights – Spanx via Amazon
Booties – Top Shop
Necklaces – Erin Gallagher and a Christmas present

Long Sleeve Tee – Gap
Jeans – AG via Anthropologie
Scarf – Target
Ballet Flats – Steve Madden


Thursday – Inspired by this pin
Turtleneck Sweater – Gap
Skirt – Anthropologie
Tights – Target
Pumps – Steve Madden
Necklace – Erin Gallagher

Friday – This outfit was very un-inspired…
Tee – Target
Jackie Cardigan – J Crew
Jeans – J Crew Outlet
Ballet Flats – Fossil
Scarf – A gift a friend brought back from India
Earrings – A gift from my mom

Picking out cute outfits lately has been tough. It’s that time of year where it feels like it should be warmer (especially since they moved up Daylight Savings Time). It, however, is not any warmer and I’m getting tired of all the clothes in my closet, even if there are a billion combinations and I can’t possibly have worn them all. Wednesday is the first day of spring and we have a high of 24 here. I just want to wear jeans every day until it gets up, at least, into the 40s. I can’t wait for the day that I can stop wearing tights and bring out all my fun spring dresses.

Without further delay, here is what I wore last week:


Button Up – Express
Cardigan – H&M
Skirt – Loft
Tights – Spanx via Amazon
Pumps – Steve Madden
Locket Necklace – Aldo

Dress – Banana Republic Outlet
Tanktop – Express
Tights – Spanx via Amazon
Boots – Steve Madden
Initial Necklace – Christmas Gift
Bracelet – Birthday Gift via Shopbop

Wednesday – This is a Pinterest inspired outfit
Bow Blouse – Club Monaco
Cardigan – Express
Jeans – J Crew
Peep Toe Bow Pumps – Valentino via Nordstrom
Earrings (that you can’t really see) – J Crew


Thursday – Inspired by Jessica at What I Wore
Dress – Old Navy
Blazer – Ann Taylor
Tights – Nordstrom
Belt – Express
Boots – Aldo
Bracelets – J Crew and Target

Friday – I couldn’t figure out a good way to get a picture of my hair to fit in my typical format, so I gave this outfit its own picture collage below
Tee – Gap
Blazer – H&M
Jeans – J Crew
Wedges – Steve Madden
Necklace – Erin Gallagher from an outing on Thursday night

Saturday – this is also a Pinterest inspired get up
Sweater – H&M
Skirt – Loft
Tights – Target
Boots – Aldo
Necklaces – Erin Gallagher and Christmas Gift
Belt – H&M


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Here is a quick run down of what I wore last year and what I wore this year. Last year was a work day, I was still living in New York and the weather was incredibly, unseasonably warm. This year it was a Sunday, I am living in Chicago and it is actually colder than the averages this time of year. I wore this outfit to a river dying party yesterday, actually. Here in Chicago, they turn the Chicago River bright green and people don’t resist the reason to get up early in the morning to start partying.


Last year
Blouse – J Crew
Jeans – Loft
Peep Toe Pumps – BCBG via Nordstrom
Belt – Express
Necklace – Anthropologie

This year
Ruffle Blouse – Loft
Jackie Cardigan – J Crew
Jeans – J Crew Outlet
Boots – Nine West
Necklace – Anthropologie (Same as last year)
Watch – Michael Kors via Nordstrom
Bracelets – J Crew
Gloves – Sent to me at work as a gift

When I lived in New York, I organized a book club and am attempting to do the same here in Chicago. It’s off to a bit of a slow start, but it’s a start none the less. We’ve just read the book A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff and I really enjoyed it. I expected it to be entirely about vintage clothes and the main character, Phoebe’s, vintage clothing store, but it was much more than that.

A Vintage Affair

Through her store, Phoebe encounters a plethora of interesting people. One of the most interesting to me is Mrs. Bell, an elderly French woman who has a past that haunts her, very similar to Phoebe, actually. This story line was very captivating and kept me from putting the book down at night, even when I was crying like a little girl. I blame me being overly emotional on my family cat dying, but it may have just been that moving of a story too. Phoebe works to relive Mrs. Bell’s guilt and in doing so works on relieving her own guilt.

While most of the secondary characters in this book are relatively flat, I enjoyed all of the relationships she has with them.  There are a couple of love interests and story lines (I think I found myself rooting for the wrong one) and the story of Phoebe’s mom’s unhappiness is completely comical to me.  The way she deals with her unhappiness is not the right way and I enjoy her antics.

I definitely recommend this book and give it a 9.5 of 10.  It’s a light book and it’s a really quick read.

One thing we like to do at book club (this was started by my SIL at book club in New York and I think it’s my favorite part) is cast who we think would play the characters if the book was made into a movie. This is my cast and, for the most part, book club agreed with me!

Phoebe (main character): Ginnifer Goodwin not with short hair
Emma (Phoebe’s best friend): Rebel Wilson not as a comedic actor
Anna: I can’t remember who we cast here and it’s killing me!
Mrs. Bell: A white version of Ruby Dee
Phoebe’s Mom: Blythe Danner
Phoebe’s Dad: Steve Martin
Miles: Richard Gere circa Pretty Woman
Roxanne: Blake Lively circa Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Dan: Luke Wilson when he was thinner
Guy: Mark Ruffalo or Rob Lowe

I realize this book takes place in England and none of these people are British, but they fit the images I have of the characters in my mind!

Have you read the book?  If you have, what do you think?  Do you agree with my cast?  If you decide to read the book, let me know if you like it!  And, of course, I’m always open to good book suggestions!

I was so very happy when I found out last year that my college roommate and her husband were expecting a baby! Then to find out it was a girl just made me dream of all the pretty things I’d love to make for a little girl to wear.

Then I found out that seemingly everyone else I know was pregnant too, so I had to be a little more modest with what I made so that I had time to do the same for others. I wound up making this cute little rolled edge hat that I’ve been eying for some time now. I didn’t want to go your typical pink for her because my college roommate never was a pink girl and I assumed her daughter would take after her. Instead I used this dusty purple color that I really love. Here are the pictures I took from beginning to end of the hat process.

This is the Simple Newborn Hat with a Touch of Lace and can be found on Ravelry.


Like I said, I love the rolled edge and I love the lace detail in the hat. It will be nice and ventilated for her since they’re in Texas. Right now it’s a little bit too big because she was so tiny when she was born, but hopefully she can get some use out of it before the summer becomes too hot. Even then, maybe it will be good to keep the sun off of her head.

Here is the finished product. I didn’t have anything to emulate a baby that I could put it on, so a flat picture is what you get.


I hope she loves it and that they get a lot of use out of it!