I Create: Terra Incognito

I few months back, my SIL sent out an email to a few people telling us about this Groupon for a pottery studio called Terra Incognito to make a “lace plate” and how it looked fun so we should go. I completely agreed that it looked fun and bought the Groupon. After coordinating several busy schedules, we were able to decide on a date in mid-January to go make our plates.


The studio has a mural on the side of the building that looks super cool and sort of set the stage for me as far as the kind of environment to expect. Our instructor was a little rough around the edges, but loud and a lot of fun. She sort of reminded me of the woman who steals Monica’s identity in Friends. (Anyone? Anyone?) Either way, she totally knew what she was doing and was really helpful.


The class started out with a basket full of old doilies being dumped into the middle of the table. You then dig through to find the one you want, place it on your plate, and roll it on with a rolling pin so the lace sets into your clay. I actually had a difficult time with this. I seemed to want everyone else’s doilies rather than what was available in front of me. Isn’t that how it goes? You love something when someone else does it first…

So, I finally ended up picking a couple doilies and spreading them around my plate (seen above). You then moved to a second table that had paint and paint brushes to then paint OVER the doily. (Didn’t take a picture of this part – fail.) Once you have painted your plate to your satisfaction, you pull the doily off and are left with what your plate will look like. The only difference is the clay is a dark grey color and once fired in the kiln, it will turn to a nice off white. My plate is above on the lower left and all of the plates from the class are on the lower right. Aren’t they fun?!


We got our finished plates back a couple of weeks ago and I’m really happy with how mine turned out. In fact, we bought a second Groupon so we can go back again soon! I can’t wait to make another, completely different plate!

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