I Create: Audrey’s Hat

I was so very happy when I found out last year that my college roommate and her husband were expecting a baby! Then to find out it was a girl just made me dream of all the pretty things I’d love to make for a little girl to wear.

Then I found out that seemingly everyone else I know was pregnant too, so I had to be a little more modest with what I made so that I had time to do the same for others. I wound up making this cute little rolled edge hat that I’ve been eying for some time now. I didn’t want to go your typical pink for her because my college roommate never was a pink girl and I assumed her daughter would take after her. Instead I used this dusty purple color that I really love. Here are the pictures I took from beginning to end of the hat process.

This is the Simple Newborn Hat with a Touch of Lace and can be found on Ravelry.


Like I said, I love the rolled edge and I love the lace detail in the hat. It will be nice and ventilated for her since they’re in Texas. Right now it’s a little bit too big because she was so tiny when she was born, but hopefully she can get some use out of it before the summer becomes too hot. Even then, maybe it will be good to keep the sun off of her head.

Here is the finished product. I didn’t have anything to emulate a baby that I could put it on, so a flat picture is what you get.


I hope she loves it and that they get a lot of use out of it!

1 comment
  1. Becca said:

    We absolutely love the hat! Thank you so much! I’ll send you another picture once her head gets a little bigger. Thanks Mel!

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