Fun in Chicago: Erin Gallagher Jewelry Store in Lincoln Park

I wrote this post out last week and through some terrible glitch, when I tried to post it, not only did it not post, but it lost everything I had already written. So, here I am trying again!

I recently went with some people from work to this great little jewelry store in Lincoln Park called Erin Gallagher. I had a great time there and I loved shopping and hanging out. I really could go back daily – there were so many pretty pieces of jewelry I wanted!

This is a shot of the outside of the store. Isn’t it already super cute?

Then you see on the inside that there is jewelry for you to select from or you can create your own works of art.


I love the vases of pearls and the hydrangeas and the chevron. So much character and so many pretty things!


I ended up getting three necklaces, but believe me, that was not all I wanted! I’ll be making a trip back, for sure. Below is one of the necklaces I got – it’s made of beautiful swarovski crystal. Like I do, I put it on thinking it was super over the top and gaudy and instantly fell in love with it. (I did this with a wedding dress too [tried is on as a joke] and almost got it!) I can’t wait for spring to come when I can wear this with a tshirt and sandals and just really dress it down. You can already see in my daily outfits that I’ve worn it a couple of times.


I also go the necklace that is below on the right minus the smallest hoop. That’s actually a second necklace and I was playing designer, which you can see is something you can do…see all the pretty gems? I love delicate gold necklaces and I know I’m going to wear this all the time.

They also had this amazing antique ring that was an estate sale find. If I didn’t already have so many rings I wore regularly, I’d have considered snapping it up. So pretty!


Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the third necklace I bought, but it is gold with gem stones on it that are orange, fuschia and lime green. I can’t wait to wear it!

Does anyone else ever fantasize about what else you would do if you decided to quit your job? Among thoughts of Lululemon, teaching fitness classes, and Starbucks, I have now added Erin Gallagher to the list. Go check it out – you’re sure to find something amazing to accent your wardrobe.


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