I Donate: My Hair

For quite some time now, I’ve wanted to donate my hair. It is something that has been weighing on my heart and when I saw a link to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths page on Facebook, I took the time to do research on different organizations. I had never really thought about where I’d want to donate my hair and had really only heard of Locks of Love. What I found out was really interesting and it’s something that I don’t think a lot of people know, so I wanted to share.

Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths:
Creates wigs for women with cancer
Gives wigs away for free
Requires a minimum 8″ donation of hair

Locks of Love:
Creates wigs/hair pieces/prosthetics for children under 21 suffering from permanent hair loss, primarily from alopecia
Sells wigs on a sliding scale based on financial need
Requires a minimum of 10″ of hair
Sells some of the hair they receive to offset manufacturing costs

Based on these things, I decided Beautiful Lengths was the way I wanted to go. As an organization, they give me a more warm and fuzzy feeling and I like that they give wigs FOR FREE to women with cancer.

So, I went into the salon I’ve been going to since moving to Chicago (FM Hair Studio) armed with some celebrity hair inspiration (via Pinterest, of course):

This is how ridiculously long my hair was and my girl, Madeline, prepping to cut it:

One last measurement just to check the length and then the cutting begins! They used clippers, which are apparently easier than scissors, so here I am with half really long hair and half shoulder length hair. And then here’s everything in the bag – the hair’s all gone!

Cutting, blow drying, styling…

And here’s the quick story:
I had super long hair, it’s now short and can be straight or curled. See, look, here’s the hair I’m donating.

I’m so happy to be donating my hair to this great organization and I cannot wait to do it again in a few years!

  1. I LOVE the new cut!!! I just did a similar hacking with my hair — I chopped off about 12 inches — but sadly my hair is undonateable due to the dye (which hides the more than 5% grey which would also disqualify it). Hope you’re enjoying the new cut. It looks fabulous!

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