Monthly Archives: May 2013

Yay for warm springy weather and being able to leave my jacket at home, finally!! So happy to finally be able to break out my skirts and open toe shoes. Summer is coming!


Tuesday (I was traveling Monday and likely rewore an outfit from the weekend before…)
Blouse – Express
Skirt – J Crew
Wedges – Target
Necklace & Earrings – Made by my mom

Tee – H&M
Skirt – J Crew
Pumps – Nine West
Necklace – Made by my mom


Dress – Gap (This is the most static-y dress I have ever owned)
Belt – J Crew
Sweater – Nordstrom
Flats – Steve Madden
Earrings – Hand me downs from my SIL

Tee – Gap
Jeans – J Crew
Sweater – Nordstrom
Sandals – Target

Dress – Target
Sandals – Target


Last month, my favorite magazine (in fact, the only magazine I read every month) teamed up with Birchbox, likely to cross promote the brands, but also to provide some of their favorite samples. This is what my Birchbox looked like:


In my Birchbox, I received:

– Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir
– Skin & Co Roma Cleansing Body Gel with Olive & Sicilian Orange Extracts
– StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles (what are they trying to tell me?)
– Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Anti-Shine Mattifier
– Weleda Body Lotion (Three individual pack-its)

So fun. I really enjoyed the two brands teaming up this month. It made me look forward to receiving my Birchbox even more!

Last fall, after we moved to our new apartment and I was all in a decorating frenzy, I purchased some pillow covers from Etsy that I thought would add some color to our livingroom. One was a hand painted bird on one side and chevron stripes on the other. The other was a floral made of blues and greens and reds from Nena Von Custom Drapes and Designer Pillows. I didn’t realize at the time, but the 18″ I meant to order was really a 20″, so when it came it didn’t fit the pillow at all. It was way too loose. I kept meaning to get my sewing machine out and fix it, but to be honest, I wasn’t really sure where my sewing machine was and I’m always afraid I’m going to do something that I can’t fix when I sew.

Finally, we had friends coming to town to visit and I just had to get it done. I found my sewing machine and got to work on the pillow case. All I did was turn it inside out, pin two straight lines about an inch and a half in on perpendicular sides and sew along where I pinned. I’d say the hardest part was putting thread on the bobbin before I started. I made sure to go really slowly when sewing so as to keep my lines straight. (I made a scarf a couple years ago and the lines were wiggly all over the place. I’m really impatient and just wanted it to be done and awesome, but I’m pretty sure I just went way too fast.)

Pillow Case

Now that I’ve had a successful sewing encounter, I’m open to taking on some smaller things like making burp cloths and bibs for friends before moving into something like making a quilt, which I would actually really love to do! Moral of the story: Don’t be intimidated by sewing, just take your time!

In February, around my 30th birthday, you may remember that I posted a list of things I’d like to accomplish this year. I wanted to provide a little update and check in on how it’s going!

1. Take a cake decorating class – still need to do!
2. Take a calligraphy class – done, but want to take another! Calligraphy for a lefty is freaking difficult!
3. Read the Chronicles of Narnia – It’s staring at me from my dresser. Maybe this summer?
4. Walk around Chicago in the summer. Walk up Lake Michigan. Walk through Lincoln Park. Walk and explore with no real purpose like I did living in New York. I found it the best way to fall in love with the city. – Waiting for it to get nicer, but working on it slowly.
5. Go camping – Going the end of this month! Can’t wait, we just got our tent on Monday and our sleeping bags should be delivered today!
6. Donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths – Done and done! See my post about it here.
7. Learn to solve a Rubik’s cube – I’ve done this once, but while following a guide. Still need to really learn.
8. Take the hubs up to properly see Michigan (Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, Traverse City, Mackinac Island, Tahquamenon Falls) – This was planned for the second week of June, but we may have to move it now. tbd.
9. Finally combine our bank accounts so our $$ is joint – Done!
10. Save $25,000 – Working on it.
11. Hang pictures in our livingroom – Done! See my post about it here.
12. One final, secret thing; I’ll provide an update/share if I can accomplish this one – Has been done, but needs to be re-done.

I had a short work week this week that ended with a long trip to Houston for Mother’s Day. It was so nice to see my family and get to experience some Texas weather. The sunshine and 80 degree weather was a welcome change from Chicago. I even got to spend the afternoon laying by the pool on Sunday and got a little color to bring back with me!

Tank Blouse – Anthropologie
Jackie Cardigan – J Crew
Jeans – Loft
Pumps – BCBG via Nordstrom
Earrings – Target
Wrist – J Crew & Michael Kors via Nordstrom

Tuesday – it was apparently a very J Crew kind of day
Chambray Shirt – J Crew
Cardigan – J Crew
Skirt – J Crew
Pumps – Valentino via Nordstrom

Wednesday – Walk to Work and work versions
Dress – Gap
Belt – H&M
Necklace – Handmade by my mom
Flats – Steve Madden
Pumps – Nine West
Scarf – Gift from a friend brought back from India
Trench – Unknown boutique in NYC

Peplum Top – Nordstrom
Skirt – J Crew
Jackie Cardigan – J Crew Outlet
Pumps – Nine West

Tee – Gap
Jackie Cardigan – J Crew
Jeans – AG via Anthropologie
Sandals – Target
Necklace – Anthropologie

Dress – Old Navy
Chambray Shirt – J Crew
Sandals – Target


I am so excited – we have finally hung pictures in our livingroom – it only took 8 months. When we moved in, I [read: we] was unsure of what I [read: we] wanted to hang above the couch, but I knew I [read: we] wanted something. I finally settled on a photo collage of mismatched frames and a variety of pictures.


First, I taped together a couple pieces of butcher paper, drew out approximately what I thought I wanted, then measured what I had drawn to determine the sizes of the frames I needed. I also tried to imagine what would go in each frame and label that so the hubs could try to envision what I was imagining. Next, I hung that paper on the wall and we set out to Michael’s to find frames. See, frames!


In order to make sure they were all hung evenly and straight, I put them on the butcher paper, traced them, and cut them out. Before taping them to the wall (no, this did not harm the paint), I marked where the hanger was. When I had the papers all hung on the wall and straight, I drove a nail right through the nail mark on the paper to be sure the picture would be hung exactly where I wanted it to be hung. Takes out all the guess work.


Finally, I hung the frames…which, admittedly, two of remained empty until we had friends coming to town and the hubs took it upon himself to fill them. He apparently couldn’t stomach the idea of guests being subject to framed stock photos. :) He had an idea of what I wanted in one of the frames and took a little liberty with the other.


All in all, I’m really happy with the way my little project turned out and I love the way I hung the frames. It took a little extra work, but was worth not having to make 4 holes in the wall per frame to get them to line up like they should!


So ready for consistent temperatures above 60. So ready to move to Texas…except when it’s August.


Button Up – Express
Blazer – H&M
Jeans – Loft
Wedges – Aldo
Necklace – J Crew

Dress – Francesca’s
Cardigan – Express
Pumps – Aldo
Belt – Anthropologie

Wednesday – Love this outfit!
Peplum Top – Banana Republic
Jeans – AG via Anthropologie
Pumps – Steve Madden
Bracelet – Target

Tee – Target
Cardigan – H&M
Jeans – AG via Anthropologie
Bow Pumps – Valentino via Nordstrom
Necklace – Erin Gallagher

Tank – J Crew
Sweater – Banana Republic Outlet
Jeans – Express
Boots – Steve Madden
Necklace – J Crew