I Decorate: Livingroom Photo Collage


I am so excited – we have finally hung pictures in our livingroom – it only took 8 months. When we moved in, I [read: we] was unsure of what I [read: we] wanted to hang above the couch, but I knew I [read: we] wanted something. I finally settled on a photo collage of mismatched frames and a variety of pictures.


First, I taped together a couple pieces of butcher paper, drew out approximately what I thought I wanted, then measured what I had drawn to determine the sizes of the frames I needed. I also tried to imagine what would go in each frame and label that so the hubs could try to envision what I was imagining. Next, I hung that paper on the wall and we set out to Michael’s to find frames. See, frames!


In order to make sure they were all hung evenly and straight, I put them on the butcher paper, traced them, and cut them out. Before taping them to the wall (no, this did not harm the paint), I marked where the hanger was. When I had the papers all hung on the wall and straight, I drove a nail right through the nail mark on the paper to be sure the picture would be hung exactly where I wanted it to be hung. Takes out all the guess work.


Finally, I hung the frames…which, admittedly, two of remained empty until we had friends coming to town and the hubs took it upon himself to fill them. He apparently couldn’t stomach the idea of guests being subject to framed stock photos. :) He had an idea of what I wanted in one of the frames and took a little liberty with the other.


All in all, I’m really happy with the way my little project turned out and I love the way I hung the frames. It took a little extra work, but was worth not having to make 4 holes in the wall per frame to get them to line up like they should!


  1. Vanessa said:

    It turned out great!!!! 😊

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