1 Piece Per Day

The hubs has started a new project that I find really interesting and wanted to share. About a month ago he started picking up one piece of trash a day and throwing it away for whoever just dropped it and didn’t dispose of it properly. He’ll take a picture as he’s throwing it away and post to instagram with hashtags like #1pieceperday & #cleanup. He actually just started a new instagram account just for this today!

1ppd cover photo

See the pic in the middle of all the cigarette butts? He picked all these up the day after a conversation we had on the walk to work about how many cigarette butts there are all over the ground and how it’s disgusting. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to make sure they’re out and then throw them away. I also don’t understand why it’s totally ok to throw cigarette butts wherever you want. He picked all of these up in one block…and then bleached his hands, obviously.


I asked him why he started doing this and he told me it’s because he doesn’t feel like his day to day job really contributes to bettering society in a tangible way, so this is his way to help and give back. At the end of his life he’ll be able to look back and know that he did something constructive and he won’t have to worry about whether it helped anyone or did any good. Also, it’s a free way for him to do something every day.


By picking up trash, he’s helping clean up the city, he’s cutting down (even if it’s a very small portion) on the pollution in the world (and maybe more importantly in Lake Michigan), and he’s (hopefully!) inspiring others to do the same.

He and I both know that him picking up #1pieceperday is really small, but it’s tangible, it’s free, and it something that can be done without having to make any kind of change to your every day life or go out of your way to do. You may want to wash your hands more than you did before, though.

I think it would be really neat if the next time I looked at #1pieceperday on Instagram, his pictures weren’t the only ones that came up.

  1. Terri said:

    that’s a really cool thing of him to do. i might carry a glove or some tissues so i don’t have to touch anything directly, but i’ll make a point to start picking up litter as i see it. also, seems like people have the biggest issue with disposing their beverage containers based on your husband’s pics!

    • Melissa said:

      Haha – I would say that’s pretty accurate. And cigarette butts, obviously. :)

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