I Create: Baby Presents

At the end of April, one of my close girl friends told me that was was (is) pregnant. I was so so so excited for her and her husband and immediately started thinking of all the fun baby presents I could make for them! I usually knit a hat and booties for friends’ babies, but I wanted to do a little more for them. Not only that, but I was really struck with the urge to give sewing a whirl.

I’ve only sewn a few projects in my life, but I figured if I take my time and go slowly, it would turn out well, right? I figured I just needed patience. So, off I went to JoAnn Fabrics where I picked out fabric for three bibs, burp cloths and pacifier clips. Then it struck me that I should make the baby (I now knew he was a boy) a gift using fabric with his dad’s alma mater (University of Texas) on it.

Here are all my finished products. In the end, I used the three fabrics I bought, the Texas fabric I had my mom pick up and send to me, and a girly chevron burp cloth for my girl friend. I figured since everything is going to be masculine, she should get one girly thing…and he’ll never know if he’s spitting up on girly fabric.

I made sure to contour the burp cloths so they give the best coverage and fit around the neck.


I created four pacifier clips out of each of the three masculine fabrics and the UT fabric. This way they can be switched up and washed or matched to his outfit…and he obviously has a game day look. I put clips that I picked up at the fabric store on one end of each and snaps on the other so the snap end can attach the pacifier.

I also created a bib for him out of the same four fabrics. You can never have too many bibs, right?

Here are shots of each matching set. I hope they love them as much as I do. I’m pretty proud of my first sewing project I’ve ever done for someone else. Hopefully everything holds up nicely for their little man!





Have you made anything lately for yourself or someone else?

  1. Ashley said:

    Damn you and your cute photography and your blogging skills.

  2. Stacy Summers said:

    Those look great! Good job. I’ve only made bibs but I love the binkie clips!

  3. I like your pattern for burp cloths! Usually I use cloth diapers from Target and just sew fabric down the middle. Where did you find this one?

    • Melissa said:

      Thanks, Jill! I actually just made the pattern myself after eyeballing some of the contoured ones I’ve seen people register for.

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