I Bake: Grandma’s Cinnamon Rolls

One of my contributions for this year’s Thanksgiving was my Grandma’s cinnamon rolls. I’ve only made them once before and was super excited to make them, but also a little unsure of everything since the one time I made them was about 4 years ago.

I made sure I had all my ingredients and was ready to start the dough. Once you have it all mixed and ready to go, you have to let it rise in a big bowl. Ideally, there is a sunny, warm place to put it. Unfortunately, that’s a bit difficult to find in Chicago at the end of November. I set it near one of the heating ducts in the kitchen and called it a day.

Here’s the dough pretty much risen. It never rose as much as I remember it rising as a child. Maybe my bowl was bigger than grandma’s? Maybe it’s the lack of heat/sunlight? Either way, you let it rise once, poke it down, let it rise again and then you roll in cinnamon and sugar and tie into knots. I didn’t take pictures of this because my hands were all gooey.

Once you have your dough coated in goodness, tied in knots and put in their baking dishes, you let them rise until they’re double in size. (Lots of rising and waiting involved in this recipe.) Once they’ve risen this third and final time (which is what you see here), you pop them in the over for a few minutes and…

Viola! Warm, gooey, sticky goodness.

Here’s one of the pans of the finished product. This recipe made at least 50 cinnamon rolls on Wednesday and they were all gone by Saturday morning. So much work involved, but I kind of can’t wait to make them again soon. So worth the work…and waiting…and rising.

  1. JayJoyJoni said:

    can you post the recipe, please. I’d love to make these.

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