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As I do every year, in 2013, I made a list of things to do during the year. I didn’t actually make the list on January 1st as I typically do, I made it right around my 30th birthday. Nevertheless, I’m going back to my January 1st, full year, to do list. A couple of things did not get completed, but I’ll carry them over. Here’s what was on my 2013 list:

1. Take a cake decorating class
2. Take a calligraphy class (4/9/13)
3. Read the Chronicles of Narnia
4. Walk around Chicago in the summer. Walk up Lake Michigan. Walk through Lincoln Park. Walk and explore with no real purpose like I did living in New York. I found it the best way to fall in love with the city.
5. Go camping (5/31/13)
6. Donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths (3/29/13)
7. Learn to solve a Rubik’s cube (did it once, but with a guide, can’t do it on my own yet)
8. Take the hubs up to properly see Michigan (Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, Traverse City, Mackinac Island, Tahquamenon Falls) (Aug ’13)
9. Finally combine our bank accounts so our $$ is joint (1/19/13)
10. Save $$
11. Hang pictures in our livingroom (You can see more about this one here; April/May ’13)
12. One final, secret thing; I’ll provide an update/share if I can accomplish this one (Done, but needs to be re-done, so will carry over to 2014’s list)


Here is the list I have put together for 2014. This may get added to – we’ll see!

1. Take a cake decorating class
2. Take another calligraphy class
3. Read a book a month, including the Chronicles of Narnia
4. Repeat the secret thing; I’ll provide an update/share if I can complete
5. Learn to solve a Rubik’s cube
6. Get a puppy (We were supposed to get one in September of ’13 and a week before we were suppose to pick him up, the breeder let us know she had decided to keep him. We were heart broken and hope to get one this spring/summer.)
7. Stop swearing? (Whether or not this can be accomplished is questionable)
8. Save more $$ (maybe we’ll think about trying to buy a place in a year or two)
9. Take pics of scraps from the week (inspired by this)
10. Work out at least 2x per week
11. Plan a friend date twice a month
12. Work hard to make more girl friends
13. Redesign Blog
14. Knit one thing a month (or at least 12 projects during the year)
15. Run 3 5Ks
16. Take the stairs. At home. At work in the same elevator bank. Everywhere I can…unless carrying heavy luggage.

Some secondary things that I know I may not stick to or that I am already doing…
1. In bed by 11
2. Post on the blog once a week
3. Floss once a week (or more)
4. Less Candy Crush (I need a CCAA), Facebook & TV at the end of the day

Happy New Year!! What’s on your list of things to do this year?



Happy Anniversary (a day late) to the guy who knows what I’m thinking before I’m thinking it. To the guy who makes me dinner when I work late and then does all the dishes too. To the guy who cleans the shower/bathtub because he knows it’s the one thing I really hate to clean. Happy anniversary to the guy who keeps me warm when I first climb into our cold bed and the guy who takes my picture every day. Happy anniversary to the guy who drives me to and from places so I don’t have to take a cab.


It has been an amazing two years with so many experiences. We’ve traveled to new places, tried new things, made new friends, and grown even closer. I can’t wait to see what the next 2 years hold for us an then the next two and the next two and the next two and the next two…


Happy Anniversary!


You can find more pictures of the wedding in our Style Me Pretty post here.