Monthly Archives: February 2014

For the last two Decembers that I haven’t lived in New York, I’ve taken a trip back to visit. Both times with the help of my fabulous friend, Bonnie, I’ve been able to surprise and shock my girlfriends at our monthly girls’ dinner. Once a month, since we’re all so busy, one of the girls (it rotates) hosts and chooses a theme and everyone brings a dish to share. This way everyone gets to see and spend time with everyone. In December it’s usually some sort of holiday theme and there is always a gift exchange. It has become a thing for me to knit something and this year was no different.

20140107-222202.jpg As this picture may give away, there’s a lot of laughing, a lot of drinking, and a lot of truly amazing girl bonding time. I have looked forward to this trip for the last two Decembers and will continue to for as long as we keep up these dinners. I’m not sure I’ll be able to surprise the girls again (I thought two was pushing it), but that’s ok. Time with them is all I need. Although, this year the hubs also surprised two of the girls’ husbands and then they all showed up to girls’ dinner where they all surprised everyone. It was pretty awesome. Surprising people makes me happy.

So here is the cowl I whipped up on the flight to New York. It was super easy and really quick because the yarn is so chunky. I didn’t use a pattern – I just knitted a row, then did a row of yarn overs, then knitted a row, then did a row of yarn overs, etc. Super easy and so very warm. And it thrills me that my hand made gifts are always one of the first things to be stolen 3 times. (That’s the max and the person who gets it the third time gets to keep it.)


See how chunky and warm it looks on! I’m sure it has come in nice and handy this winter. I’ve been meaning to make another for me, I just haven’t yet gotten around to it. I’ll do it eventually.


I can’t wait for my trip again next December. And spending time with my girls. It’s the best. They’re the best.


After a much longer than intended absence, I am back! Back with an update on some winter cleaning! I was recently talking with a co-worker about how big my closet is and how it’s organized, but it could stand a little tidying up. You know how it goes – you move into your house or condo or apartment and get everything all set up and organized and over time as you go through your daily routine, things start to get a little less organized here and there. As I was putting away my luggage from a recent trip I got into a clean-things-out-and-organize mood, so I did just that.

Mostly I needed to clean up the top shelf of my closet, which was occupied by a bunch of stuff I never use and really probably didn’t need and I’d been itching to reorganize my little jewelry table.


You can see that my top shelf is pretty functional and my milk crates add another layer of shelving while separating things like my scarves (these are just the thick winter scarves along with hats and gloves – the thinner scarves hang on a hanger in the far back left) so they don’t get all disorganized and they’ll stack higher. I’ve also got two bags full of bags. One is gift bags and tissue paper and the other is a tote I have my clutches and small purses in. Then in the back of my closet is my yarn stash and fabrics/threads for sewing. Lets just ignore that I have THAT much yarn, shall we? You can also see in the foreground some sheets and all my sandals. We don’t have a linen closet and I don’t remove things from my closet seasonally. Blame it on living in Texas and always needing to have sandals handy!

I organize my clothes by type too starting with sleeveless shirts and working back to dresses and then pants and skirts. Within each type, they are rainbow organized. If nothing else, I can tell when someone has borrowed my clothes without asking me. This came in quite handy in college. Hah.


This is the left wall of the closet and the aforementioned jewelry (and sunglasses) that needed a little love. I still don’t love the way this is organized and am hoping to get a different sort of system…something like this. Right now all my earrings are in a broken plastic thing I got from container store when I moved to New York in 2006, so an upgrade could be a good thing.

Anyway, that’s my update on some little tweaks I’ve made and a nice peak into my huge closet that I’m super grateful for! How do you organize your closet? Got any tips or ideas for me?