It’s confirmed!

I am pregnant – and due on January 1st, as it turns out. We had our confirmation appointment with my doctor (who is not in Chicago) and saw this little guy (or gal) moving around in there. We’ve anxiously been watching the days go by until we’re 12 weeks and in the safe zone for early miscarriages. Until then, we’ll continue to take it one day at a time.

I’m actually down 1.6 lbs so far. My stomach has been upset lately and I can’t tell if it is because I have eaten or because I’m hungry, so I’m playing it safe and steering clear of most foods. Salad especially (I suddenly hate the stuff). Bagels have become my friend again, so I’m off of my strict no dairy, no gluten diet (for now). Otherwise, I’ve just been getting lots of sleep. My normal night owl routine has changed and I have been in bed around 10 nightly. I can’t complain, it has been kind of a nice change!

We’ll keep updating as the time passes!


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