11 Weeks


Well, we’re hitting a point where I’m starting to feel like this little bugger’s really going to stick around. We’re almost at 12 weeks and I’m getting antsy to start telling family and close friends.

I definitely don’t feel like I’m showing yet, but I am feeling a bit bloated. Food aversions are getting a bit better, but I’m still not ready to eat salad again. I’m slowly making my way back to eating normally, which is why I’m only down one pound instead of almost three.

We have our 12 week appointment with my doctor this week, but since she’s three hours away, I really need to find someone in Chicago. The hunt is on, most likely for a midwife because I feel like a midwife will be more understanding of my journey and our approach to this whole fertility thing than a typical OB would be.

How far along?  11 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss?  -1 lb (which is better than last week’s -2.8 lbs)
Maternity clothes?  Not even close
Stretch marks?  Nope
Sleep?  Getting lots of it; Still going to bed early
Best moment this week?  Still just nervous, but starting to anticipate sharing the news
Miss Anything?
  Eating without fear of upsetting my stomach
Movement?  Not that I can feel
Food cravings?  Definitely not.
Anything making you nauseous?  Haven’t really had much nausea, thankfully
Symptoms?  Lots of trips to the bathroom, I don’t want to eat anything, very tired


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