12 Weeks


We made it to 12 weeks! Yay!! I feel so relieved, but I’m still nervous that anything could happen. Like I’ve been looking up miscarriage statistics. Thankfully, the percentages are super low and it’s making me feel much better!

We told our families yesterday. We ordered photo books from Shutterfly that chronicled our nine years together, including some photos from our engagement and wedding. The very last page of the book was a picture of our sonogram. We sent one to my parents and had them facetime us when they got it – under the disguise of Dad’s Father’s Day present. The other we gave in person to the hubs’ parents – also as a Father’s Day present. My mom lost her mind – it was cute. His family was so loud and excited that it scared our one year old niece and she started to cry (don’t worry, she was fine). All very cute and perfect ways to spill the beans.

At our doctor’s appointment this week we listened to the heartbeat, which took a minute or two to find. That was super nerve racking! Turns out the baby is just high, but all is fine and the heart rate was 160, which she said was good. I have an appointment this week to meet with a midwife in Chicago to see if I think she’s a good fit. can’t to find someone here!

How far along?  12 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss?  -1 lb, holding steady from last week
Maternity clothes?  Not yet, still don’t feel like I’m really showing
Stretch marks?  Nope!
Sleep?  Still getting lots of it.
Best moment this week?  Telling our families and seeing their reactions
Miss Anything?
Movement?  Still not feeling anything
Food cravings?  Just returning to normal eating
Anything making you nauseous?  Nope
Symptoms?  Just getting lots of sleep.

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  1. Wayne said:

    Thank you for including us! We are thrilled and wishing you the best, you guys are going to be amazing parents.

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