18 Weeks

18 Weeks

The baby is the size of a bell pepper now and growing quickly! Can’t wait to be sure I’ve felt movement. It has to happen any time now.

We had a really great week this week. We finished off our time in Kauai with a helicopter tour of the island – so incredible! – and some sunbathing – finally! There are so many waterfalls there and so much of the island isn’t drive-able. It was really cool to see all of it.

Then we headed to Maui which felt much more commercial and popular than Kauai. It’s crazy how each island is so different. We drove up a 10,000 foot volcano, spent time in the sun, and drove the Road to Hana. I think my favorite part of the Road to Hana was the Rainbow Eucalyptus trees. If you’ve never heard of them, go find a picture before you finish reading this. I’m glad we did the Road to Hana, because everyone says you have to and I think I would have wondered if we hadn’t, but I won’t do it again. We drove it the same day as our flight from Hawaii so San Francisco, so it ended up being a really long day full of lots of sitting.

In San Francisco, we did some sight seeing – spent some time at Fisherman’s Warf – saw a Giant’s game and went to the Adele concert. By the time we got to San Francisco, I was ready to be home in my own bed, but we had a really good time and I’m glad we capped our trip off there!

How far along? 18 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +5.2 lbs, man, I really packed it on during vacation!
Maternity clothes? Not quite, but I did order some maternity jeans – those will be coming out soon, I’m sure.
Stretch marks? Still not yet
Sleep? Sleeping just fine – starting to remember weird dreams
Best moment this week? So many choices from such a great trip, but I’ll probably have to go with either the helicopter tour we took of Kauai or the Adele concert. Both were pretty unreal experiences – we really spoiled ourselves with this trip!
Miss Anything?
Movement? Can’t be sure.
Food cravings? Nope, not really, but green beans sounded really good the other day.
Anything making you nauseous? Nope
Still hanging in there with the heartburn. It’s feeling like it might be here to stay. Maybe I’m going to need to invest in some Tums at some point.
Gender Prediction? Not yet.
Labor Signs? Nope
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood? Relaxed and ready to be home from our incredibly long, super fun vacation.
Looking forward to? My own bed.


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