23 Weeks

This was quite the busy week both at work and at home. The office was closed on Friday, so it was a short week and we left after work on Thursday night to begin our trip across Italy, ending with a friend’s wedding! There was a lot of cleaning, packing, prepping, and working to be done before we left. Not to mention errands to be run and workouts to be squeezed in! We made it though, managed to get some sleep on the plane and have spent the last 3 days exploring Rome. We adjusted to the time change pretty well and have seen so many things. Here are a few pics!

At the Trevi Fountain.

Inside the Pantheon.

The alter in St. Peter’s Basilica.

A hallway in the Vatican Museum, leading to the Sistine Chapel.

#chrisjumping in front of the Colosseum, next to the Roman ruins.

How far along? 23 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +10.4, though I used a questionable scale in our hotel room, so can’t really be sure.
Maternity clothes? Still working with maternity jeans and my normal shirts and flowy dresses.
Stretch marks? Not yet!
Sleep? I’ve had a Charley horse threat here and there, but been able to wake up and avoid disaster. Other than that, been sleeping just fine!
Best moment this week? Probably the sight seeing around Rome and the Vatican. Specifically, I think our favorite has been the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. The volume of art there and the time that it had to have taken to create it all is mind blowing. Just one specific room took 9 years to paint.
Miss Anything? Well, being in Italy is making me miss wine a bit, but the smells have been enough so far.
Movement? I’m pretty confident now that the movement I’m feeling is the baby. There is a bit of a pattern to it and it’s low enough that I’m pretty sure that’s what it has to be. Also, Chris has felt it and said there’s no way that’s food! :)
Food cravings? Nope, just gelato because, when in Rome…
Anything making you nauseous? Nope
Symptoms? I’ve been really tired walking around Rome. I’m a bit annoyed at how much I want to sit or rest. I’ve also been much hotter than usual. I was wondering when this overheated pregnancy business was going to kick in and it seems to have happened. I’m also still having a bit of round ligament pain – mostly when I’ve been walking too much.
Gender Prediction? Still nothing from me.
Labor Signs? Nope
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On, though I have been super swollen since we got to Italy. It could be heat or dehydration or all the walking.
Mood? Samesies.
Looking forward to? Heading to the Cinque Terre!!
Now some words from Dad: Hi everyone! This really has been a super packed week. As much as Melissa has written about being tired, I’ve been the one who has taken naps both yesterday and today *wink wink*. Melissa has been so strong throughout her pregnancy, and this week has been no exception. My pregnancy-related highlight of the week has either been A) feeling the baby kicking or B) talking baby names with Melissa. We’re still undecided, but after a few glasses of wine (for me) at dinner last night we tossed around the idea of using the middle name “Kong” if it’s a girl so we could call her Queen Kong.

And that’s all I got for this week! Ciao!


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