25 Weeks

This week we had our 24 week appointment. We listened to the baby’s heart beat, which was in the 140s. My midwife also measured the size of my uterus, which was 26cm. The measurement should be within 2 cm of the weeks of gestation, so 22-26cm at the 24 week appointment. She then remarked that the baby must have long limbs…which the ultrasound tech also commented on at our 20 week ultrasound. So, we’re expecting a long, skinny baby.

A tidbit that I forgot to include last week was that while we were in Italy, Chris asked me at dinner one night if I had to pick three adjectives to describe what I hope for our child to be like, what would they be. I said kind, curious, and motivated/driven. I then returned the question to him and he said healthy, honest and a reader. It ended up being a really interesting conversation about what we hope for our child and why. It’ll be interesting to see who this kid grows up to be!


How far along? 25 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +12.6 lbs, I’ve lost a little of that past weight during the week now that I’m back to my normal routine.
Maternity clothes? I could probably wear more than I am, but I haven’t been super motivated to shop for them…and I’m less interested in online shopping than going to an actual store. No one seems to carry maternity clothes in store, which is annoying since that’s something you really should probably try on.
Stretch marks? Not yet!
Sleep? I was really tired this week. Probably partly from adjusting back to our time zone, but I’m also going to attribute some of it to pregnancy. I was just uncharacteristically exhausted every night. I even took two naps this week and still slept just fine all night!
Best moment this week? Making it to the 24 week appointment and knowing that 1. the baby is viable and 2. everything looks great.
Miss Anything? Can’t say there’s anything I’m missing this week. Keeping up my work outs and eating pretty much the same way. No complaints here!
Movement? Still lots of movement, mostly at night. It’s a great feeling. Trying to figure out patterns and what exactly wakes Mini Mitch up and causes some movement. I did walk into the bathroom one morning this week, where we had music playing, and felt the baby start moving.
Food cravings? Still nothing specific.
Anything making you nauseous? Nope.
Symptoms? I found out at my appointment this week that the “round ligament pain” that I’ve been feeling for the last few weeks is more likely scar tissue being stretched, which makes complete sense based on where this pain has been. Some days it’s worse than others, but my expectation now is that this isn’t just going to be a second trimester ache. Based on how this has been going, I expect this to be a pain I’ll feel for the rest of my pregnancy. If it ends sooner, that’ll be wonderful, but if not it’s going to feel great come January.
Gender Prediction? No prediction from me still. Chris says he’s losing his conviction that it’s a boy. Who knows!
Labor Signs? None yet, thankfully.
Belly Button in or out? In, but it’s definitely flattening out.
Wedding rings on or off? On – fitting normally
Mood? Kind of stressed out this week – work has been busy, along with all the the baby related things I’m really starting to feel the need to get done. I was also a bit irritable the end of the week, which may have been attributable to how tired I’ve been?
Looking forward to? Hopefully this will be a fairly quiet week, though it’ll likely be busy at work again. Just looking forward to taking it easy. Definitely NOT looking forward to Chris being in New York for 3 days this week.
Now some words from Dad: Like Melissa said above, it has been a pretty busy week! Today (Sunday) is the first day I’ve felt like everything is back in order, and yet I know the week is going to take off like a jet on Monday and not slow down until I return from New York on Friday night. In the pregnancy arena, my focus right now is centered on two things: registry and childcare. When I first started thinking about the registry, I definitely had a haphazard outlook on it – harkening back to the days of our wedding registry, I didn’t think it would require much thought… WRONG! Even though I initially thought a baby registry would be as simple as picking what you like, it really isn’t, because so many things you’d register for require research for health/safety reasons. It’s definitely been an eye-opener, and something I’m looking forward to having done. Childcare, on the other hand, is one of those things that’s tough because you want to take care of it early, but you want to make sure you do all the research you can. We’re now in the process of scheduling visits with childcare centers, along with discussing the potential of a nanny/nannyshare. So much to consider! If you have any products you registered for that you LOVE, let us know! And if you have any insights on childcare, please share! We’re all ears right now.




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