26 Weeks

This week, our little one’s ears are more developed and Mini Mitch should be able to hear us talking. This will make Dad happy since he likes to say good morning and good night to my tummy.

This week wasn’t super eventful for us, though I’m starting to feel like baby stuff is taking over. We attempted to get our registry done yesterday. It’s definitely going to be a longer process than that since we both like to research everything and know we’re getting something that is going to be super practical and is great quality that will last. We did make some progress though!

We also started Bradley Method classes this week. It’s going to be a 12 week course, which I’m looking forward to. Tonight’s class was more or less an intro, nothing too heavy, but it made me wonder if we’re more educated than your average joe’s. There really wasn’t much that we covered that I didn’t know, though I’m sure that will change…and tonight’s topics were things like exercise and the importance of a healthy diet, which are both of interest to me and a regular part of our life. So, maybe it should have been more confusing to me if I hadn’t known something we covered?

Looking at this picture, I’m realizing how long my hair is getting! It’s time for a haircut!


How far along? 26 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +14 lbs
Maternity clothes? I actually wore non maternity jeans and a non maternity top to work on Friday. Trying to get them in while I can! I was shocked when my jeans buttoned, but they did!
Stretch marks? Still haven’t noticed any.
Sleep? I woke up once this week with a charley horse, but other than that, I’ve been sleeping pretty well. Haven’t been getting up to pee in the middle of the night even.
Best moment this week? Chris coming home from his work travel on Friday. I hate coming home, alone to an empty apartment…and checking under the beds and behind the doors and in the bathtubs…
Miss Anything? Nope! Still doing just fine.
Movement? This is pretty similar to last week. Someone is definitely nocturnal around here. It doesn’t keep me up, but it’s fun to feel at night before going to bed.
Food cravings? Whatever makes the least dishes to wash.
Anything making you nauseous? Nope.
Symptoms? Still holding strong with the heartburn and the pain in my side. I talked to the doctor who did my surgeries last summer this week and she said she actually removed endometriosis from my round ligament, then surgically repaired the ligament…SO, I’m probably feeling both round ligament pain and pain from scar tissue. At least I know I’m not hemorrhaging…
Gender Prediction? Still unsure, but my thoughts have been more toward boy items lately, though that could just be my desire not to turn my house into a princess castle coming through.
Labor Signs? Nope!
Belly Button in or out? Still in, but shallow.
Wedding rings on or off? Still normal here. On.
Mood? Been pretty normal this week, from what I can remember. Just trying to do all the things.
Looking forward to? I have nothing planned this week, so what I’m looking forward to is trying to finish up the registry and maybe get some new flats for the fall – all my old flats need to be thrown away without hesitation.
Now some words from Dad: Hi Everyone! This week, my work travel revealed to me how my priorities have really shifted during the pregnancy. Instead of going out and indulging with friends, I had a really low key trip that consisted of work, running, and going to bed early. Although I missed seeing friends on the short trip, it was super refreshing not to miss out on any marathon training and head into work with a clear mind (read: no hangovers). I also think I missed Melissa more than ever this trip – so it was apropos that we FaceTimed instead of calling one another each night. It made for some nice screen shots I took of us making silly faces at one another…  :)

Echoing what Melissa said above, it was nice to make some movement on the registry and start the Bradley classes. My sisters had some valuable input, along with the people who helped us out at buybuy Baby. I look forward to completing the registry, but in all honesty my first priority this week will be getting rid of this cold/bug that I picked up on my way home from New York. Like any paranoid father-to-be, Sunday night consisted of me insisting to sleep on the floor of our bedroom because I really don’t want to get Melissa sick! She thought I was taking over-the-top measures, and she’s doing OK 2.5 days into me being sick, so please knock on wood, or cross your fingers and your toes that come week 27 the Mitchells are all feeling groovy. Peace out until next week!



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