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We had a fairly eventful week this week even though I feel like I just worked a lot. We had our 30 week appointment where we met another midwife in the practice we go to. She has been a midwife for ~20 years and was super spunky. I really liked her. We also went to a baby food making class that was co-taught by a chef and a nutritionist. It was super interesting and I really enjoyed listening to the nutritionist talk. She said a lot of things that affirmed things I’d either thought or read about. Plus, it was interesting to get some recipe ideas of things that will be easy for us to make at home.

I also had a Google Hangout date with some of my girl friends from New York (and formerly New York) this week. It’s so nice to be able to put some time aside once a month to catch up with everyone. I can’t wait to see a few of them at my shower in a couple weeks!


How far along? 31 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +16.2 lbs; Well, I pretty much ate my weight in candy this week, thanks to Halloween candy in the office and expected to put on like 5 lbs. I’m not really sure how I gained nothing in a week.
Maternity clothes? Yup, I’m wearing them.
Stretch marks? Still none. Hoping it stays this way, but my stomach has gotten itchy in the last week, mostly just below my belly button. We’ll see what happens. My mom told me today that she didn’t get stretch marks until after her babies were born. I told her just because you couldn’t see them doesn’t mean they weren’t there. :)
Sleep? Most nights I sleep all the way through the night, just like normal. I may wake halfway up to turn completely from one side to the other, but I don’t feel like I fully wake up. Then there are the charley horses and, as of last night, I believe I’m feeling some Braxton Hicks. In fact, I think they woke me up twice last night…so, that’s new.
Best moment this week? We had our 30 week appointment this week. The baby’s heartbeat was good at 136 and I measured right on track at 30cm. It’s always nice to go to the doctor and hear all is going well. Oh, she said my weight gain “is great,” which was a nice feeling. People keep telling me how tiny I am or that I don’t look any different, which I know is totally meant as a compliment, but it has made me nervous that I’m not gaining enough. According to the doctor, I’m doing just fine, which made me feel better about it.
Miss Anything? Not this week!
Movement? Yup! Lots of it, which I love. Last week my ribs were a bid sore, but this week I officially felt my first rib kicks. Nothing too sharp. Let’s hope it stays that way!
Food cravings? Still no strong cravings. Pretty much the opposite still.
Anything making you nauseous? Nope.
Symptoms? Holding strong with my old friends heartburn and acid reflux. The pain in my right side is still there, but hasn’t been as intense. Still having charley horses. I guess Braxton Hicks is a new one? Does that count as a symptom?
Gender Prediction? Still no, but everyone around me seems to think it’s a boy.
Belly Button in or out? I feel like it wants to be out. And it isn’t entirely in anymore, but it’s also not out. It’s indecisive…like my appetite.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Mood? Just felt busy this week. Lots of work to get done – as there always is in Q4.
Looking forward to? I’m having dinner with a bunch of ladies I met at my last Bump Club dinner on Tuesday. It should be nice to get to know some other preggos who are going to have babies right around when I do.

I’m also in the process of making a stuffed owl for baby. I’m just about done with it and I’m looking forward to having another project done! Plus, I like owls and it’s super cool.
Now some words from Dad: HOOTY HOOO!!!!! If you can’t tell, I’m also excited for HOOT THE OWL (Name really tbd, but I’m going with “HOOT” for now) to be done. I’m really enjoying watching Melissa knit/craft these cool projects for Mini Mitch. With each one that is done, it equals another thing that will fill the baby’s room and give it a little character. Aside from the 30-week appointment, and the owl project, everything else has been pretty status quo the past 7 days. This coming week will be the week we finally get things pretty organized in Mini Mitch’s room-to-be. We have a dresser scheduled for delivery next Sunday, so we’ll be spending a few hours organizing the bedroom and really getting set for our visitors coming in for the baby shower in a few weeks. Thanks be to the man upstairs for a pleasant 31st week of pregnancy! :)



We had a pretty uneventful week this week, so we’re just going to get right into it!

How far along? 30 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +16.2 lbs; When I’ve had a week when I’ve eaten well or a week when I’ve eaten more junky than normal, I can definitely see that reflected in my weight.
Maternity clothes? I’ve gone ahead and mostly tried to make the switch to maternity clothes. Not because my regular shirts aren’t fitting anymore, but because I figure I’m going to get to that point, so I might as well get a few months use out of the maternity clothes I’m buying. I’m definitely keeping a small, very neutral maternity wardrobe and mixing it up with sweaters and accessories I already had.
Stretch marks? No, and fingers crossed it stays that way!! I’m getting nervous that I’m just going to wake up one day and this will have changed.
Sleep? I’ve been sleeping through the night most nights – not waking up to go to the bathroom or anything. If anything I’ll wake up to turn from one side to the other and then enjoy some movement from Mini Mitch. How would you like being turned upside down in the middle of the night??
Best moment this week? We ordered a couple things from Pottery Barn Kids over Labor Day weekend (while we were in Italy), because they were doing 25% off and free shipping. Somehow the discount didn’t apply when I actually made the purchase, so I asked my mom to call for us since we were going to be out of town for another week. She did and they assured her it would be applied. It was not. We had to wait until we were invoiced for everything (we may or may not have ordered some furniture and just gotten charged for a piece this week), and we were finally invoiced for the final item this week. Chris made the call about the discount and they’re applying it, finally. It’s so nice to have that settled and be getting that money back.

Unrelated to that, I had something due at work this week that I put a lot of time and thought into, which was recognized and acknowledged. It was a nice feeling. :)
Miss Anything? Still not really missing anything. We’re making the transition to fall clothes, so new clothes/fashions are coming out that we haven’t worn in months. Well, I guess that makes me realize the sun is setting earlier and I’m missing walking home while it’s still light out.
Movement? It feels like Mini Mitch is really gathering strength here lately. I’m feeling lots of movements and a couple have been a little uncomfortable. This morning I was running errands and while walking through Target, it was like there was an elbow trying to push through my belly button. That said, I’m really enjoying all the movement and trying to figure out what I’m feeling. I can definitely see how I’ll miss it once the baby is born.
Food cravings? Still having the opposite of food cravings – can’t decide what I want to eat. It’s kind of frustrating for Chris. It’s just that nothing is exciting me.
Anything making you nauseous? No nausea.
Symptoms? Still having heart burn and reflux. Have you ever had heart burn so bad you can feel it in the back of your neck. It’s really strange, let me tell you. I’ve also started to get a sore back at the end of the day or when I’ve been sitting for too long – I’d say that’s my newest development. Oh, and the pain in my right side is still there, though much less intense than it was a couple weeks ago. In addition to that, I’m now feeling some sensitivity in my right ribs. Something’s pushing up on them; Luckily, I haven’t felt any actual kicking there just yet.
Gender Prediction? Still not having any feelings one way or the other. I keep wanting to default to “he” just so I have a pronoun to use, but that’s simply out of a desire to stop saying “it.” Also, given the fact that we’re having a harder time with some boy specific things (name, circumcision, etc), I feel like it’s bound to be a boy.
Belly Button in or out? Holding strong at shallow, but in.
Wedding rings on or off? Still on.
Mood? Pretty solid this week. Not feeling exceptionally emotional in any direction.
Looking forward to? We have our 30 week appointment this week. The appointments are always nice just to hear what’s going on. We’re also taking a baby food making class this week, which should be fun. It may be a bit early, but I figured it’s probably better to do pre-baby than try to figure out child care for us both to do it once baby’s closer to eating foods other than milk.
Now some words from Dad: SUP Y’ALL?! Daddy Mitch here. This week has been another swell week of expecting. I’m really soaking it all in and trying to enjoy every moment of it. One day I was sitting at our desk at home doing a little work. Melissa had recently washed a bunch of the hand-me-down little onesies and burp clothes, then stacked and folded them on the desk. Just looking at the little onesies made me excited for the arrival of our little one. I know it’s going to be extreme exhaustion, sleepless nights and lots of new challenges, but I’m so ready.

A lot of guys I’ve talked to have told me things like “you’re never really ready to be a parent” or “nothing will be the same!” When we started this journey, I may have felt that way. But after the past 4+ years of our hurdles achieving and sustaining a pregnancy, I’m so ready to be a dad. So I guess my message this weekend is for anybody out there who is struggling to achieve pregnancy. Stay patient, and keep your head up, because through the trials and tribulations, if nothing else you’ll gain perspective. You’ll grow as a person, learn A TON, and maybe like me it’ll shift some of your personal values in a positive direction. You’ll probably grow closer to your partner than ever before. We both feel so fortunate and blessed to have been able to achieve pregnancy and are only ~10 weeks from welcoming our child into the world. I know that as long as Melissa’s labor ends with a healthy mom and healthy baby, it’ll without a doubt be the best day of my life.

So keep your head up. It’s like what Brian said in Vanilla Sky: “Just remember, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour.”



How far along? 29 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +17.4 lbs (two people this week told Melissa you can’t even tell she’s pregnant when you see her from behind)
Maternity clothes? Melissa picked up some Maternity threads from Loft this week, which included a few sweaters (that are beautiful and designed by our talented friend Anna) and a tank top. Melissa’s been really good about not spending a ton on maternity clothes, and when she does pick up items they are always versatile pieces that I think she’ll get a lot of use out of. If you had told me when Melissa and I found out she was pregnant that she’d spend more on gym/fitness classes than clothes, I’d be surprised, but take that for sure.
Stretch marks? Nope!
Sleep? Mel slept pretty well this week, waking up maybe once per night. I think I wake up more often than she does. The only thing that woke both of us up this week was when some drunkards decided to throw a frisbee in the middle of the city streets on Friday night at 2AM. When I saw those idiots it really took me back… To those nights that I NEVER got drunk and said “HEY IT’S 2AM – WE NEED TO THROW A FRISBEE!”
Best moment this week? Planning-wise, it was when I signed up mini Mitch for daycare! Sooooo pumped that we are all set on the childcare front. When I arrived to sign up mini Mitch, the administrator didn’t know who I was and said “Can I help you?”

Me: “Yes, I’d like to sign my unborn child up for childcare here, so he or she could become a future leader of America.”

Administrator: [blank stare]

Welcome to the life of Chris Mitchell, filled with wild prophecies of truth and blank stares.

Pregnancy-wise, it was probably one of two moments. 1) Having an encouraging doctor’s visit on Tuesday, and 2) When Melissa was at work in a meeting with two reps, one of the reps (someone Melissa didn’t know) said she was at Soul Cycle and saw a pregnant woman dominating spin class. The rep Melissa does know was like “That was probably Melissa!” Based on the time of the pregnant-woman-domination-sighting, and where she was sitting in class – yep! It was my wife – 29 weeks pregnant and cycling like a champ. :)

Miss Anything? I don’t miss anything and I’m not sure Melissa is missing too much right now. We’re both kind of living in the moment and enjoying pregnancy right now.
Movement? Tons! I feel like mini Mitch has been really active this week. This is the first week we’ve noticed you can sense movement on both sides of Melissa’s stomach. Our midwife said it must be the arms. Melissa said it’s a weird sensation when it happens, but she enjoys it. This weekend we (read: I) also put some headphones on Melissa’s stomach and played some music while the baby was sleeping. It woke mini Mitch up. I will say based on my impeccable taste in music, mini Mitch was GROOVIN’!
Food cravings? Not really. Melissa’s been eating her usual healthy stuff. I’ve actually been consuming pretzel-related items at an alarming rate this week, though. A bag and a half of RODS, and a healthy amount of SOFT PRETZELS. #thePretzelLifestyle
Anything making you nauseous? Nope!
Symptoms? No changes this week! Still some round ligament pain for Melissa, but she bought a wedge pillow from Amazon and I think it’s helping out some, which is great. We’ve been toying with the idea of Melissa checking out a chiropractor to help with the round ligament pain, but I’m unsure if she’s gonna go or not. We’ll see!
Gender Prediction? I was pretty sure it was a boy early on, but now I’m unsure. Melissa doesn’t have any feeling on this matter, yet her mom is convinced it’s a boy. We’ll see!
Labor Signs? Nope – hopefully in a few months!
Belly Button in or out? In, but I cannot wait for it to be out. No reason why, maybe because then I can touch it and annoy Melissa hehehe…
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Mood? Calm as a clam and feelin’ good! We’ve both been pretty happy this week. Having the registry and daycare stuff done checked two big things off of our “pregnancy to-do” list, so I think we’re both enjoying having a little less on our pregnancy plate this week.
Looking forward to? Melissa is looking forward to the Salisbury Steak dinner I’m making on Thursday, and I’m looking forward to the Vogel universe-winning chili simmering on the stovetop. Yum!
Now some words from Dad Mom: This was a pretty good week for us, though I did feel absolutely terrible for Chris on Monday and Tuesday. Due to his cramping during the marathon, his quad recovery seemed pretty miserable. I tried to do the best I could to help him out.

Aside from that, we had our 28 week appointment with our midwife on Tuesday where I had my gestational diabetes screening. My midwife seems to think I’m in excellent shape and would be surprised if I had any complications at this point. True to her prediction, I do not have gestational diabetes and my glucose test looked good. People always talk about having to drink this nasty syrupy drink – honestly, it was orange soda without the carbonation. I had no problem drinking it, I just wish I’d had some pizza to go with it! From now until 36 weeks we’re up to one appointment every two weeks!

We also had dinner with some friends on Friday night who we haven’t seen in a while. It was nice to catch up with them and be able to talk about some baby stuff and some non baby stuff. They have a nine month old and cloth diaper (which we’re planning to do), so it was nice to talk to them about that element. We threw a little politics in there, some of how work is going, and some hockey to round out the discussion. Not a bad evening – plus, they made us dinner ! :)

Alrighty – until next week!

I can’t believe it – this week marks the official start of my third trimester. The next three months are going to fly by and before we know it, it’s going to be 2017!

We had a pretty busy week this week! We went and toured a couple of daycares. I think we’re pretty set on which one we’re going to go with, which is nice, just need to get it taken care of. I also had another Bump Club dinner. This one was about Labor and Delivery. It wasn’t my favorite of the three I’ve been to, but it was definitely informative and I met some nice girls who are all due around the same time I am.

We also went to the UT bar to watch the UT/OU game yesterday. We didn’t win, but it was still fun to hang out, see some friends, and cheer for the good guys.

I can definitely tell that I’m growing more and more every week.


How far along? 28 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +16 lbs
Maternity clothes? Same as last week. Still in non-maternity and some maternity tops and maternity jeans. I did go through my closet this week and take out a bunch of things that definitely don’t fit and I probably won’t want to wear until it starts to get warmer next year.
Stretch marks? Still none. Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays this way!
Sleep? This week was a little harder. I’m still a really good sleeper, but I have been waking up with this pain in my side and haven’t been able to get comfortable, no matter the position. One night this week I actually got up and paced our room and hallway, because standing/walking feels the best and I just couldn’t get comfortable in bed. After a little bit, I got back in bed and tried to prop myself up with pillows so I was almost sitting to see if that would help. It didn’t. I also had a charley horse or two this week. All in all, I’m still feeling well rested, just experiencing a few more interruptions.
Best moment this week? Best moment this week was cheering Chris on with his family and some of our friends and seeing him finish his first marathon in great time, even with not being able to run much the last two weeks because he had a pretty terrible cold. I’m super proud of him and it was great to see him achieve something a lot of us will probably never do.
Miss Anything? Not missing anything in particular this week.
Movement? Feeling a fair amount of movement. My thing lately has been to try to figure out what position I think the baby is in, so I’ll poke around my stomach a little bit and a few times I’ve found a little food, accidentally poked it and it’ll jerk away quickly, not to be found again. So funny. This child is probably rolling its eyes being like, seriously…please leave me alone.
Food cravings? Still no cravings. I’m maybe having the opposite of cravings where I just cannot figure out what I want to eat/what sounds good, so I’ll hem and haw until I’m so hungry that absolutely nothing sounds good. It’s awesome…
Anything making you nauseous? No nausea.
Symptoms? Still round ligament/scar tissue pain, along with the heartburn and now the slight back pain at the end of the day. I think my back is just tired.
Gender Prediction? I keep wanting to call it a he, but I think it’s just that I want to stop calling it “it.” I don’t think saying “he” means I think it’s a boy. My mom definitely thinks its a boy.
Labor Signs? Nope – thankfully.
Belly Button in or out? Getting more and more shallow all the time.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Mood? Same as I have been – no particular mood. Pretty normal.
Looking forward to? We have my 28 week appointment and gestational diabetes screening this week. Always looking forward to the Dr. appointments, though now that I’m in my third trimester, we have to step it up and I’ll start going every two weeks instead of every four. Also looking forward to getting the daycare situation all settled. Hopefully this week! Next on the list is trying to find a Pediatrician for Mini Mitch. Lots to do!
Now some words from Dad: Hi Everyone! It’s been quite the week for the fam. Touring daycares was a fun learning experience. I think my tips for anyone looking for a daycare would be to ask lots of questions, see what kind of experience fits within your lifestyle, and pick the place where you feel the most comfortable having your child spend time during the week. On a personal level, I feel like tonight I can write answers to all of Melissa’s normal topics above after the marathon. It was an AWESOME experience, made all the better by the support of family and friends. I think I just gave myself a great idea. Maybe next week, DAD will fill out the top part of the blog and mom will write my section :D :D :D!

This is the last week of my second trimester, which is totally crazy. Now that we’re into October, I’m sure time is going to completely fly by and Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years will be here before we know it!

Chris and I both had colds this week. He must have picked his up in New York and brought it home. Luckily, whether I had the same cold as him or a different one, mine wasn’t nearly as severe…that or he’s more of a baby than I am (don’t tell him I said that).


How far along? 27 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +14.4 lbs
Maternity clothes? Not much has changed here. Non-maternity tops are starting to get tighter, but are still fitting.
Stretch marks? Still none.
Sleep? Been waking up briefly between 4 and 4:30, but I fall right back asleep and have been sleeping fine!
Best moment this week? We had a pretty quiet week because of our colds. I was trying to take care of Chris a bit without getting sick myself and I successfully staved it off for the first half of the week. It feels pretty good to have our registry mostly complete and get some tours set up with with daycares. Just trying to tcb.
Miss Anything? Sometimes I miss laying on my stomach.
Movement? We’ve been a little more quiet on the movement front this week. Maybe we’re sleeping more because we’re going through a growth spurt? Movement is definitely still happening, just being a little more quiet.
Food cravings? No real cravings to speak of.
Anything making you nauseous? Nada.
Symptoms? My back has been starting to get sore throughout the day, which is in addition to the heart burn and pain in my side, but honestly, it really isn’t terrible. I’d do it again.
Gender Prediction? No strong feelings still!
Labor Signs? None.
Belly Button in or out? Still in and still shallow.
Wedding rings on or off? On and normal.
Mood? No particular mood one way or another than I can remember from this week.
Looking forward to? There are a lot of things this coming week that I’m looking forward to – our tours with daycares, watching Chris run the marathon next Sunday, and a Bump Club dinner for expecting parents to cover Labor and Delivery.
Now some words from Dad: Hi everyone! Third trimester here we come! This week has been pretty decent. I’m still coughing, and ended up working from home for a few days this week, but on those days I made sure I incessantly cleaned after myself like a germaphobe in hopes of not giving Melissa what I had (wiping down door handles, etc.), and I think it worked! Melissa is a little stuffed up, but no sore throat/101˚F fever, so I think we’re in the clear. This week, I’m super curious to see how daycare visits go. Daycare will be a new venture for me, having grown up with a stay-at-home mom. I’m pretty jazzed to learn about all of the different policies, perks and advantages of each daycare. I was definitely naive when it comes to childcare a few weeks ago… I thought of the basics (socialization, food, naps, etc.) when contemplating daycare, but did not think how in depth they go into learning, which excites me. One of the places we’re visiting offers early Spanish lessons as well as yoga. YOGA! Toddler downward dog might be a little excessive, but hey – when most daycares in major cities cost about as much as renting an apartment, they better offer something special. I have my fingers crossed we can find a nice daycare for mini Mitch to be safe and get his or her creative/intellectual juices flowing. Until next week – have a good one, y’all!