32 Weeks


How far along? 32 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +19.4 lbs; I guess last week’s non-weight gain and candy eating has caught up with me.
Maternity clothes? Yup, still wearing them.
Stretch marks? Still not seeing any, but I’m starting to see a linea negra appear. Was wondering if I’d get that.
Sleep? Still sleeping through the night. I did wake up early this morning though – what’s up, Standard Time?
Best moment this week? It was a pretty busy week, but a good one. On Tuesday night, I had dinner with a bunch of other pregnant ladies I met through Bump Club. It was nice to spend a little time with some other women who are in the same stage of life as me…and make some potential new friends! I also had a bump club event where I won a bassinet! So crazy – I have won so much at Bump Club, made some potential new friends and really learned a lot. I would totally and completely recommend it to friends…or strangers!
Miss Anything? Nope.
Movement? We had a couple of quiet days this week, which made me a little nervous. Let’s be honest, I was doing all sorts of things to try to get the baby to move. It must have just been sleepy or growing or sleepy because it was growing and nothing worked. We’ve resumed our normal rolling around and jabbing activities though, which makes me happy.
Food cravings? Still nothing. I kind of wish I had a good one, just to have something to tell.
Anything making you nauseous? This heartburn is really on the verge sometimes.
Symptoms? Still lots of heartburn, a little round ligament pain (thankfully less than a few weeks ago), an achy back at the end of the day or after sitting for too long, and some sore ribs (on and off) from some baby activity.
Gender Prediction? I just want a pronoun to use and since everyone seems to think it’s a boy, I’ve caught myself a couple of times saying or almost saying he. That said, I still don’t have a feeling one way or another. Can’t be sure!
Belly Button in or out? Still in. Very shallow, but in.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Mood? I’ve noticed myself being slightly more irritable than normal, but for the most part have been able to internalize it any talk myself down for being irrational. Outwardly, I think my mood has been pretty normal.
Looking forward to? This is going to be a busy week! Tomorrow we have our 32 week appointment (so crazy to think we’re already this far along!), then Tuesday night (did you think I was going to talk about the election? I was not.) I have a dinner with a co-worker and one of our reps that should be lots of fun – both are great girls, on Thursday night we have dinner out with Chris’ whole family and my family arrives that night as well, the on Saturday we have my shower! Like I said, it’s going to be a busy week full of things to look forward to. I’m sure it’s going to fly by. It’ll likely be exhausting, but also really enjoyable.
Now some words from Dad: Another 7 days = another week in the book of pregnancy. Aren’t you glad I know how many days are in a week? ;) This past week has been pretty memorable, not so much from the pregnancy standpoint as much as the CUBS, WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS standpoint! We were lucky to be able to watch some of the MLB Playoffs with family this year. I attended the parade on Friday on Michigan Ave. I’m not really big on massive crowds of screaming people, but it was worthwhile to be a part of that historically big sea of Cubs fans. My only downer from last week was not seeing Melissa much during the week – for whatever reason our schedules were both busy and conflicting. This week, I’m looking forward to having a productive week and getting ready for the arrival of friends and family for the shower next weekend. Then deer hunting for me! It’s gonna be a great time! Until next week, here’s some pics/video from the Cubs parade, which was attended by a modest 5 million people:






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