34 Weeks


This week we had our hospital tour. It was pretty lackluster, in my opinion. They showed us the triage area, which was nice because I’ve never been there. Then they took us to a delivery room and a postpartum room. I didn’t feel like I could really ask the volunteer doing the tour any questions after she told us we might “want to bring our own diapers because she wasn’t sure if the hospital provided them…  She also didn’t show us where to get ice, water, etc. She did tell us how much it costs to self park, but wasn’t sure about the valet, so there’s that…

The more and more I feel the baby move, the more ready I’m feeling to meet him or her. I know having a baby here is going to be a big, big life adjustment and change, but I feel prepared just knowing that it’s not going to be easy right off the bat and we’re going to have to be patient with ourselves.

How far along? 34 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +22.2 lbs
Maternity clothes? Yup, still wearing them. I did wear regular workout pants today though. I just can’t get behind buying maternity athletic wear.
Stretch marks? Still not noticing any. My mom says hers didn’t show up until after her babies were born – as in, her skin was stretching, but you couldn’t tell until after. We’ll see what happens…
Sleep? Still sleeping, albeit a bit lighter than my usual dead-to-the-world self. Also, I’m most comfortable on my back…so that’s happening…
Best moment this week? My week this week was pretty quiet. Chris was in Michigan for deer camp, so I kept it low key and mostly just worked late while he was away. The best moment was probably having my parents and brother come back through town on their way home. It’s always nice to get to spend time with them since we live so far away.
Miss Anything? This would be where I say sleeping on my back, but that seems to be happening anyway…
Movement? The movement seems to be getting a bit more confined, so while it’s still happening often, the movements seem smaller. I’m really starting to wonder how big the baby is… yes in weight, but mostly in length.
Food cravings? Still none.
Anything making you nauseous? Nope.
Symptoms? Still LOTS of heartburn. It’s almost constant. Also, the sore back and the itchy tummy situation. The pain in my right side seemed to have a small resurgence this week. Other than the need for Tums, I’m mostly just feeling the need to move around or change positions often.
Gender Prediction? Mom seems to be leaning more toward girl now. So does Chris. I still have no feelings one way or another.
Belly Button in or out? It’s flat. Not really in or out.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Mood? Nothing out of the ordinary. Is patient a mood?
Looking forward to? This is a two day work week for me this week, so I’m looking forward to that along with Thanksgiving. I also plan to get a couple of sewing projects done this week. Basically, I’m looking forward to time at home to check some things off the to do list and then spending more time with family.
Now some words from Dad: Hi Everyone! This week was pretty eventful. Monday-Wednesday I was up in Michigan for deer camp. I didn’t shoot anything this year, but thanks to hunter-planning (we decide as a collective how many total deer we need each year), we’re still going to have a freezer full of venison next year. Yaaaaaasssss! While I was at deer camp I really missed Melissa – which is pretty typical. More than that, I started to wonder how that feeling of longing will be different when mini Mitch comes along. I’m sure I’ll just miss them both more, but was just wondering how it’ll be :)

After deer camp then back for some work, Melissa’s family came through Chicago for the weekend, which was really relaxing. We did an early Thanksgiving dinner with Melissa’s folks, and my parents surprised us by coming down to the city to join for the evening. It was a GREAT time filled with laughs and tasty food. Following a weekend of chicken pot pie, Portillo’s, Thanksgiving, and Lou Malnati’s, I may need a few days of carb-lite eating to prep for Thanksgiving 2 in a few days… :D


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