37 Weeks


Today we are considered full term! So crazy to think that in the next few weeks, life as we know it is going to change completely and will never ever be the same again.

Again, we had a fairly eventful week this week including our 36 week appointment where the baby’s heartbeat was 144 and my measurement was 35.5 cm. We also had our infant and child CPR class. It felt sooo long to me, but it’s useful information for sure.

We both had our company holiday parties this week. Chris was in NY for about 24 hours and I played party planner for my team. My office party is always a fun one and no one gets any work done all day. We started about 8:30am and I left the bar at 4pm, but I’m certain there were people out all through the night. It’s definitely a marathon.

We finally sat down and got our thank you notes for our shower written yesterday. It needed to be done badly and it was really nice that Chris helped me. It took us about two hours, so without him, it would have taken me at least 4. I still need to address them, but they’re written!

Oh, and I got a blanket in the mail this week from Nana. It’s a crocheted blanket that I found and really liked that I asked Mom if she could help me make since I don’t really crochet well. Nana saw Mom’s work on it and thought she should help :), so she took it over and sent it to me when it was finished. It’s so pretty and it’s nice to have something that involves both my Mom and Nana. When the package arrived, we noticed it smelled strangely…as if it had been sprayed by a skunk or something. I washed the blanket multiple times and I think I finally got the smell out, but the remaining balls of yarn may be gonners. We’ll see.

How far along? 37 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +24.8 lbs
Maternity clothes? Yup. Still.
Stretch marks? None that are evident.
Sleep? Still sleeping well for the most part. Not even waking up to go to the bathroom. I did have a fairly restless night last night, but I’m blaming this cold I seem to have come down with rather than pregnancy.
Best moment this week? I had a pretty nice week. My favorite moment was probably the massage I got on Monday night. I mid back has been sore lately, so it was really nice to get a massage and have that worked on a bit.
Miss Anything? With this cold, I suddenly miss being healthy.
Movement? Yup, still moving around! There is a knee or foot or something on my right side that keeps popping out…like making a little shelf popping out. We’re having an ultrasound done tomorrow, so I’ll be interested to see what body part it really is.
Food cravings? No cravings, but I did make a decision on what I wanted for dinner one time this week. That’s an improvement!
Anything making you nauseous? Nope.
Symptoms? Other than this big ole belly? Still pretty consistent with the heartburn and the baby in the ribs. Braxton Hicks have been a thing for me this week. It seems like every time I stand up from sitting down it happens and it was happening most of the night last night. The more often I get them, the more I hope I don’t have the baby before my due date!
Gender Prediction? I’m still pretty neutral. I may be leaning more towards boy though since everyone else seems to think it’s a boy. We’ll see!
Belly Button in or out? Same. Not in and not out. Just flat. I don’t expect this to change at this point.
Wedding rings on or off? Still on. Not really experiencing much swelling.
Mood? Pretty average. No real moodiness to report. Just trying to be productive as much as I can these last few weeks.
Looking forward to? I’m looking forward to our ultrasound tomorrow to get an idea of how big baby might be and just to see it again.
Now some words from Dad: Hi Everyone! This week was kind of a whirlwind. Between the infant CPR class, prepping work ahead of my trip, and then my 25 hours away from home, it was pretty hectic. Like Melissa said above, infant CPR class was long, but very informative. My key takeaway I’ve been telling everyone is that you should do 30 chest compressions for every 2 breaths, regardless of age (infant, child, adult). When I was first certified for CPR, it was 15 to 2, so that was a nice update to receive. I also did not know that the faster you can pulse the compressions, the better – they recommend 120 beats per minute rate or faster. Our instructor, MRS. VOGEL oddly enough, told us to think of the BeeGees song “Stayin’ Alive” while doing them.

Although it was fun to see my work team and spend time in New York, it felt awesome to arrive back with Melissa on Friday and spend the weekend together. With all the snow we’ve had and the radio tuned into Christmas music, it’s starting to feel like the holidays are near… which they are! We need to get on our Christmas shopping :D

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