39 Weeks


Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! :)

It’s really mind blowing that we’re at 39 weeks and to think that life as we know if will never exist again in what could be a week. I’m really looking forward to having a baby, and I think it’s going to be really fun to see how our life changes. No matter what other peoples’ experiences or what people tell us, I know that our experience will be unique to us. I’m sure it’s going to be a huge adjustment and learning experience, but I hope we can maintain some of the life we’ve built and the way we’ve enjoyed doing things up to this point.

How far along? 39 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +26.4 lbs; Overall, I’m really happy that I was able to exercise as I had been before I was pregnant throughout my pregnancy and that I was able to keep from putting on an excessive amount of weight. Hopefully I’m able to find the time to fit workouts in and I’m able to continue doing the things I enjoy and that make me feel good in my workouts and at the gym.
Maternity clothes? All the maternity clothes.
Stretch marks? None that are visible to me, but I worry that I have them around my belly button and they’ll show up in the form of loose, wrinkly skin after the baby is born.
Sleep? I’ve been sleeping alright. Some nights I don’t wake up at all, other nights I wake up once or twice. I’ve always been an early Christmas riser, but I’ve been waking up early the last few days.
Best moment this week? I was head down just trying to get work done before the office closed for the holidays this week. Oh, and get the apartment clean. And get all the Christmas presents ordered and wrapped. It felt like a really busy week. I think my favorite part was waking up early on Christmas morning, having some quiet time opening our presents at home with our tea and coffee, then Facetiming my parents and opening the presents they gave us and vice versa. Then we had a nice breakfast that Chris cooked before getting ready and heading out to Chris’ parents’ house.
Miss Anything? Being able to travel to my parents’ house for Christmas…even if they didn’t make our traditional Christmas Eve shrimp this year.
Movement? Still moving as it has been for the last few weeks. Not really kicking so much any more, but the butt pushes out on the left side while a knee pushes out on the right side. I usually rub them and they’ll disappear back inside.
Food cravings? Nothing to write home about. I hate to say it, but I really don’t feel like I had any cravings throughout this pregnancy.
Anything making you nauseous? No nausea.
Symptoms? Still having a bit of heartburn. I feel like the discomfort people talk about has set in this week, though it hasn’t bene terribly uncomfortable. I have this burning pain in the top of my stomach, right at the center of my abs. I’m a little worried about separation there, but I’ll ask my midwife and see what she says. I also have some pain on the lower right side of my stomach, but that really isn’t anything new. I’ve had a bit of Braxton Hicks this week as well, but I didn’t notice it happening as frequently as I noticed it last week.
Gender Prediction? Same. Chris still thinks girl, Mom still thinks boy and everyone else we talk to is split too! I just hope it’s one or the other at this point. There would be some very difficult choices and decisions to make if it wasn’t one or the other and I don’t know if I’m prepared for that.
Belly Button in or out? It’s very flat these days and potentially a bit stretched out.
Wedding rings on or off? Still on. I really haven’t experienced any swelling to speak of.
Mood? I’ve been really anxious the last few days, but not because of the baby, because our apartment is a mess and has stuff EVERYWHERE. It’s really stressing me out! I did all of our laundry the other day, I just finished vacuuming some of the apartment, I swept the other day, cleaned all of the kitchen counters. Maybe I’ll dust tomorrow. We just need to get all the stuff cleaned up and put away. It’ll make me feel so much better.
Looking forward to? While I’m really anxious because it’s so unknown, I’m definitely looking forward to meeting this little one. I don’t want our life to change because I love the life we’ve had for the last 7+ years as a couple (living together), but I know this is a great change that we’ve wanted for a really long time. It’s getting to the other side that scares me. It’s hard when you’ve spent a long time preparing for any event that is new to you – there’s an element of excitement, an element of confidence knowing you prepared as best you could, and an element of fear of the unknown and whether your preparation has been enough. I’m looking forward to and afraid at the same time of how I’ll handle the pain of an unmedicated labor. I know I just have to keep thinking that in this case, pain is progress and that it is temporary and will bring our baby to us. I know I can do it, but the interesting conundrum is I’m afraid I can’t.
Now some words from Dad: HO HO HO, everyone! Merry Christmas! I hope all of our tens of thousands of readers have had a wonderful holiday as well :) We had a fantastic Christmas filled with lots of love, joy and laughs. My highlight of the week was NO CONTEST Christmas Eve and Day. I think I decided this year that Christmas is my favorite time of year – more than any other holiday and even my birthday. There is something about a time of year that brings holiday cheer, special music and all my favorite people together. It’s getting to crunch time for Mini Mitch, and I can’t wait to meet him or her. Even though we have hospital bags packed, I have this feeling like I’m missing something from my bag… but I’m sure whatever we have will be fine. For the next few days, I’m just going to enjoy the days with Melissa cleaning and laying around. One of my favorite parts of pregnancy (not sure if I’ve written this yet but likely have) is laying with Melissa and resting my arm/hand on her tummy where Mini Mitch is chillin. Part because of what’s in there, part because I know if I ever put my hand on Melissa’s stomach without a baby in there she’d slap it away faster than you could say “BOOYA!” This week really has been tops, it’s been a great holiday – I’ve really enjoyed spending time with my parents and having my sister’s family in the Chicago area. Until next week, and hopefully we are baby-free (we’re hoping Mini Mitch waits until 2017 to join us :D), have a great last week of 2016, y’all!

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  1. Ashley said:

    LOVE!! Was thinking about you last night! Getting anxious and excited about the baby coming!! Can’t wait! (That was a lot of exclamation points!!)

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