At the end of April, one of my close girl friends told me that was was (is) pregnant. I was so so so excited for her and her husband and immediately started thinking of all the fun baby presents I could make for them! I usually knit a hat and booties for friends’ babies, but I wanted to do a little more for them. Not only that, but I was really struck with the urge to give sewing a whirl.

I’ve only sewn a few projects in my life, but I figured if I take my time and go slowly, it would turn out well, right? I figured I just needed patience. So, off I went to JoAnn Fabrics where I picked out fabric for three bibs, burp cloths and pacifier clips. Then it struck me that I should make the baby (I now knew he was a boy) a gift using fabric with his dad’s alma mater (University of Texas) on it.

Here are all my finished products. In the end, I used the three fabrics I bought, the Texas fabric I had my mom pick up and send to me, and a girly chevron burp cloth for my girl friend. I figured since everything is going to be masculine, she should get one girly thing…and he’ll never know if he’s spitting up on girly fabric.

I made sure to contour the burp cloths so they give the best coverage and fit around the neck.


I created four pacifier clips out of each of the three masculine fabrics and the UT fabric. This way they can be switched up and washed or matched to his outfit…and he obviously has a game day look. I put clips that I picked up at the fabric store on one end of each and snaps on the other so the snap end can attach the pacifier.

I also created a bib for him out of the same four fabrics. You can never have too many bibs, right?

Here are shots of each matching set. I hope they love them as much as I do. I’m pretty proud of my first sewing project I’ve ever done for someone else. Hopefully everything holds up nicely for their little man!





Have you made anything lately for yourself or someone else?


If you have a pretty good memory, you might remember that I posted about a plate I made back in March. I enjoyed it so much that I bought a second Groupon and went to make a second, complimentary plate.

Looks good before it’s dry, right?

I think I like this second plate more than I like the first! Right now they’re both on display in my kitchen and they compliment each other nicely! I’m very much considering doing this a third time. Maybe I’ll make a while set.

Last fall, after we moved to our new apartment and I was all in a decorating frenzy, I purchased some pillow covers from Etsy that I thought would add some color to our livingroom. One was a hand painted bird on one side and chevron stripes on the other. The other was a floral made of blues and greens and reds from Nena Von Custom Drapes and Designer Pillows. I didn’t realize at the time, but the 18″ I meant to order was really a 20″, so when it came it didn’t fit the pillow at all. It was way too loose. I kept meaning to get my sewing machine out and fix it, but to be honest, I wasn’t really sure where my sewing machine was and I’m always afraid I’m going to do something that I can’t fix when I sew.

Finally, we had friends coming to town to visit and I just had to get it done. I found my sewing machine and got to work on the pillow case. All I did was turn it inside out, pin two straight lines about an inch and a half in on perpendicular sides and sew along where I pinned. I’d say the hardest part was putting thread on the bobbin before I started. I made sure to go really slowly when sewing so as to keep my lines straight. (I made a scarf a couple years ago and the lines were wiggly all over the place. I’m really impatient and just wanted it to be done and awesome, but I’m pretty sure I just went way too fast.)

Pillow Case

Now that I’ve had a successful sewing encounter, I’m open to taking on some smaller things like making burp cloths and bibs for friends before moving into something like making a quilt, which I would actually really love to do! Moral of the story: Don’t be intimidated by sewing, just take your time!

I few months back, my SIL sent out an email to a few people telling us about this Groupon for a pottery studio called Terra Incognito to make a “lace plate” and how it looked fun so we should go. I completely agreed that it looked fun and bought the Groupon. After coordinating several busy schedules, we were able to decide on a date in mid-January to go make our plates.


The studio has a mural on the side of the building that looks super cool and sort of set the stage for me as far as the kind of environment to expect. Our instructor was a little rough around the edges, but loud and a lot of fun. She sort of reminded me of the woman who steals Monica’s identity in Friends. (Anyone? Anyone?) Either way, she totally knew what she was doing and was really helpful.


The class started out with a basket full of old doilies being dumped into the middle of the table. You then dig through to find the one you want, place it on your plate, and roll it on with a rolling pin so the lace sets into your clay. I actually had a difficult time with this. I seemed to want everyone else’s doilies rather than what was available in front of me. Isn’t that how it goes? You love something when someone else does it first…

So, I finally ended up picking a couple doilies and spreading them around my plate (seen above). You then moved to a second table that had paint and paint brushes to then paint OVER the doily. (Didn’t take a picture of this part – fail.) Once you have painted your plate to your satisfaction, you pull the doily off and are left with what your plate will look like. The only difference is the clay is a dark grey color and once fired in the kiln, it will turn to a nice off white. My plate is above on the lower left and all of the plates from the class are on the lower right. Aren’t they fun?!


We got our finished plates back a couple of weeks ago and I’m really happy with how mine turned out. In fact, we bought a second Groupon so we can go back again soon! I can’t wait to make another, completely different plate!

Again, while catching up on my Google Reader over the course of the weekend, I came across this tutorial for these adorable polka dot bottles/vases.  Would it look silly if I piled these all over my house??

Definitely check out the tutorial on Ruffled.

The colors pictured would be so pretty for New Years Eve.  I am imagining multi-colored polka dots for a children’s birthday or a summer bbq.  These are so simple and look like they’re so quick to do.  Maybe these will be my new housewarming gift for everyone I know.